December 3rd Super Full Moon Ritual for Honoring Where You Are — Get Ready To Celebrate Your Achievements!

December 3rd Super Full Moon Ritual for Honoring Where You Are — Get Ready To Celebrate Your Achievements!

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On December 3rd, there will be a Super Full Moon. It will guide us to reflect on the year gone by. To celebrate our achievements as well.

Our life is merely a string of experiences. We are here to learn new things every day, to share thoughts. To expand our wisdom and our hearts. It is essential that we take time to honor that, as well as acknowledge the progress that we are making with every new day.

Many people feel like they are behind, or that they should be somewhere that they are not. But, we are always right there where we are supposed to be.

This ritual intends to celebrate the achievements of the past year. No matter what has happened, whether you feel the events were good or bad, you deserve to congratulate yourself for all those things you achieved. For all that you learned, and all that you experienced.

Gemini Super Full Moon ritual:

This ritual can be best done between December 1st and 15th, in this year.

You will need the following:
– Candle;
– Pen and paper;
– Bowl of water;
– 10 flowers (you may also use leaves or a combination of both as well).


1. Cleanse your energy, as well as your surroundings.

This will help you do the energy work. Smudging using sage, or even incense sticks can be highly effective.

2. Light your candle and place the other ingredients for the ritual in front of you.

Stand up and stretch, move and shake your body. Take some deep breathes as you do this. Then, sit or lay down and try to still your mind by focusing on your breath. After that, take 20 deep breaths.

3. Take your pen and paper and write down the names of the months.

Under each of the months of the year, reflect on what happened and how you felt. Write what you achieved and what mistakes you made. You just have to write whatever comes to your mind. Allow your mind to let go — just write from your heart.

4. Observe any thoughts, feelings, as well as emotions that have arisen.

Allow any feelings particularly those that are painful to rise to the surface. Feel them, and breathe through them. When you feel you are ready, write your own mantra. Or repeat the one below three times while you place your hands over your heart.

I’m ready to forgive and let go of everything I thought I should do. I will let go of the things that did not go the way I expected. Whatever has unfolded is actually for my highest good and the good of the universe. I forgive myself for everything. Release myself from everything. Love myself.

5. Make a list of 10 things that you did in 2017 that made you a better person or helped you somehow to improve your life.

You want to make a list of at least ten positive things that you learned through the course of the year. The idea is that you will want to honor yourself and your progress as well.

6. Pick up a flower and place your other hand over your heart.

Repeat the following:

I honor myself for (the thing on your list), thank you

and then place the flower into the water. Allow any emotions to come up and allow yourself to feel the gratitude. Keep repeating this for all ten items on the list.

7. Once all flowers are in the bowl, place your hands outside of the bowl.

Repeat the following affirmation:

I celebrate myself for the year that has passed and all that I have achieved in it. I’m also proud of myself for all the things that I have accomplished. I know that I am exactly where I need to be.

8. Leave the bowl with the flowers in some place where you can see them.

Admire the bowl as it is a symbol of your achievements. Feel free to decorate or add to your bowl if you want to. And when the flowers start to wilt, you can discard it all outside back into the earth.

Source: Forever Conscious.

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