5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Laziness.

5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Laziness.

get rid of laziness

Don’t we all sometimes feel too lazy to work on our tasks? Do you want to learn how to get rid of laziness and start taking action immediately? Well, you’re in the right place!

When we think we’re lazy, we’re probably not. Just as Anthony Robbins said, people aren’t lazy, they just have impotent goals, which are goals that don’t inspire them to take action.

Some people have plenty of energy to stay up late and watch their favorite TV series without feeling tired. Some people can wake up at 5 a.m. feeling motivated and drive two hours for a golf game. Thus, people aren’t lazy, they just don’t know how to channel their motivation and energy into the right place.

Here are five easy solutions that we can apply to get rid of laziness and start taking action right away.

1. “Time block” our schedules well.

“Time blocking” (dividing our schedule into blocks of time) is one of the most effective strategies that any of us can use to get our work done, regardless of whether we feel motivated to do our work.

This technique is easy. For example, if a blogger needs to write 2,000 words a day, she simply time blocks that writing into her schedule each day. For example, she writes “blogging 2,000 words” (or just “blog”) in a block on her daily calendar from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. every day. And during those two-hour blocks of time, she’ll do nothing except sit in front of her computer and write.

Once we time block a task, we have decided to do it no matter what. There will be no distraction and no exceptions until the task is done or the time is up.

Sales people often use time blocking to make their calls to clients. Even many millionaires use it. So we can use this same strategy to get rid of laziness. Time block our most important task first, followed by the next most important, etc. Make sure there are no distractions during our blocked-off time periods. The un-blocked-off portions of the day are the times for leisure and distractions.

So let’s go time block an important task we want to get done right now, and soon we’ll see we weren’t lazy after all!

2. Get pumped up.

Remember how, before a football match begins, each team’s players come together (“huddle”) and do some shouting? Afterwards, the players are suddenly motivated and appear to be fired up and ready to take on the competition?

This “pep-talk” will “pump up” their motivation. It takes advantage of the mind’s ability to increase the body’s adrenalin when loud excitement occurs. It works for groups and individuals — even single tennis players and bowlers do it. And we can use this same technique to boost our own motivation. It’s the same as affirmation; all we need to do is to talk to ourselves out loud with positive words that will inspire us into taking action.

The simplest way is to keep telling ourselves, “I can do this!” as many times as we need. Of course, don’t just do it for the sake of doing it; instead, do it with feeling. Feel the energy flowing in when we say it. Feel the motivation and the drive coming into the body. Even clench our fists if we need to.

If we follow through and do it with passion, after a few times, we’ll feel motivated and driven to take action!

3. Create an external commitment.

There’s a saying that “If we’re interested, we’ll do what’s convenient. If we’re committed, we’ll do whatever it takes.”

Therefore, let’s build our commitment towards taking action right away. Most people fail to take action or to work on their goals because they aren’t committed to their goals. As many as 92% of people who set their New Year resolutions fail to achieve them. Let’s not just say that we want to achieve something; let’s do it with commitment!

So turn goals into commitments. One way is to create an “external commitment” with the help of others.

how to get rid of laziness

For instance, we want to lose weight, so we decide to work out in the gym each day. We get ourselves an accountability partner, and we go to the gym and work out together. This way, we’ll feel more committed to doing it because we have promised someone to do it together.

If our target is to write a 20,000-word report by the end of the month, we can tell a friend that if we don’t achieve that target, we’ll give him $100. Or if we think that this isn’t enough to create the commitment, challenge ourselves to eat a can of dog food if we fail. How’s that for building commitment?

An external commitment will hold us accountable to take action.

4. Apply the two-minute rule.

Another effective technique to get rid of laziness is to apply the two-minute rule. This rule says that we have to break a longer task into small pieces that we can do within two minutes each.

The key is to break our big goal into smaller and actionable tasks. And then further break down the tasks so that we can do each in two minutes.

OK, so how do you eat an elephant? Can you eat an elephant in two minutes? Yes, in 10,000 two-minute bites, one bite at a time, over several weeks!

If we need to do 30 pushups, let’s do just five pushups. If we need to write a two-page article, start with writing just one sentence. When we need to hit the gym for an hour, just do it for two minutes.

There are two principles at work here. First, we want to focus on doing smaller tasks so that the large task won’t overwhelm us. Second, when we take action on the small task, it “puts us into action” mentally, and we’ll build up our momentum to continue.

So that one sentence we wrote built our momentum because it put us into action. And we’ll never want to stop at just writing one sentence; we’ll go for more.

5. Get rid of laziness by building a good habit.

One of the main differences between successful and unsuccessful people is their habits. Successful people build productive habits, while unsuccessful people build lazy habits that get them nowhere in life.

Therefore, if we’re serious about wanting to get rid of laziness, we’ll build productive habits. Start by doing the work consistently at the same time and same place, if possible.

For instance, if we want to build a habit to work out at the gym, stick to the schedule consistently until it becomes a habit. The schedule is the key to building the habit.

No matter whether it rains or snows outside, just keep to the schedule and work on the task. Our routines will eventually become our habits. And our habits will overcome our laziness and shape our life.

Do we find it hard to brush our teeth each morning? No, but why not? We have made it our deeply rooted habit to brush our teeth without even thinking about it. The same goes for driving our car or taking a bath every day.

So turn actions into habits. Once we have developed productive habits of taking action, we’ll become unstoppable, and we can achieve anything we want in life!

get rid of laziness habit

Final thoughts.

These are the five easy solutions we can apply immediately to get rid of laziness. Remember, no one was born lazy. It isn’t that people are lazy, it’s that we just don’t know how to manage our energy and motivation.

So let’s use these techniques and start channeling our motivation into action. Let’s get pumped up for success!

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