How a “Fuck This”! Attitude Can give You a Good Mental Health.

How a “Fuck This”! Attitude Can give You a Good Mental Health.

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We all know someone who doesn’t care about anything in the world—never stresses over things and never worried. These people enjoy doing their job and are loved by many. They never do anything they don’t want to do. These are the people with good mental health. Don’t you wish you were one of them?

Well, the sad truth is that most of us are not nearly the same as them and don’t share their mindset. We care too much, we worry too much, and we stress on almost everything.

Have you ever considered that you need to look up to the never-caring-person and start enjoying life? Well, that would be awesome, if it’s that easy.

I guess almost all of us have gone to a breaking point where just a tiniest little thing was needed for us to blow off and go over the edge. Do you remember that feeling of satisfaction when you thought about leaving everything and walking away from all the problems?

What if I told you that doing exactly that is essential if you aim to provide good mental health for yourself. So, if you strive to do it, here is how:

1. You will sleep a lot better.

Worrying and thinking about the worst-case scenarios in your head are those guilty thoughts for you not taking the much-needed sleep you need.

All that stress and anxiety will soon result in insomnia which is very harmful to your overall health. And it all works like a circle, meaning, as less sleep you get as more anxious and stressed you are until you finally go over the edge.

The lack of sleep affects your mood and emotions. It also affects your immune system.

So if you love yourself and want to take care of your mental health, then you should try and let go of all the stresses and worries you have when it comes time for sleeping. You can try various things such as yoga or meditation to relax your mind and body and provide yourself the sleep and the rest you need to charge yourself up and continue with full energy.

It will need a lot of practice and time for you to achieve that level but you need to be patient.

2. It’s empowering.

The most frustrating thing is to work with someone not nearly as close to your IQ level and for someone who is not able to appreciate everything you do. This can cause significant stress to you daily.

The best solution for these type of situations is always to be prepared to walk away. If you feel disrespected and feel stressed most of the days, what’s the point?

Fuck that. Seriously.

Try to tolerate them some time but never put your happiness behind some asshole’s desires. You are worthy, and you need to be respected. You should just walk away and find another chance to prove your worth. This is the only way you can recover from all that torture, forget about stress once and for all and focus on good mental health.

3. You’ll have a better self-esteem.

Once you decided that you will no longer tolerate all the stress and pressure and walk away, you will realize your worth and start feeling a lot better about self.

You will come to a point in life where you’ll realize that you deserve more. Stop caring that much what people say or think about you. Not saying you should stop caring, but start believing in yourself more. This will help you a lot in your further relationships with your friends and will help you, even more, in your romantic relationship.

You also have to understand that you should share yourself and be in a relationship with someone that knows your values and appreciates you as much as you do them. You need someone that will help you work out your issues and stresses. You need someone that will be by your side and help you sleep and rest.

Believe that there are people like these out there and you are worthy to be with one of them. So stop tolerating someone because you are afraid of letting go or worried about ending up alone. Being alone is far better than being with the wrong person. Such ‘wrong’ person will never help you achieve good mental health, it will only be the reason for your bad one.

You need to understand that you don’t have to tolerate and listen to every bullshit. You don’t have to keep carrying all the weight on your shoulders and live in stress and agony. Cross that edge and let go of things that don’t make you happy. Move on and build up your confidence. You will get there, and eventually, you will achieve good mental health.

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