‘Happiness’ — a Mind-Opening Short Film Brutally Exposes Truth of Today’s Modern Life.

‘Happiness’ — a Mind-Opening Short Film Brutally Exposes Truth of Today’s Modern Life.


The award-winning animator Steve Cutts always amazes people with his works. This time, he has outdone himself, big time!

There was a newly released short film that will take your breath away. It starts with a Rat Race which depicts these rodents as humans. It shows just how much like lab rats we are to those in control of us.

While watching the video, you will notice that all products are merely named ‘Happiness’. This seems to highlight the world of marketing nowadays. People are continually buying new things hoping that they will find the happiness as you will see with the rat in this short film. He is going above and beyond only to end up with nothing.

Every one of us is buying things which we think we need or want.

But they never truly bring us any real sense of happiness. Personally, we consider the favorite part of this short film the one where the rats are partaking in the recently passed “holiday” which we know it as Black Friday. Now, the more that you watch the short film, the more you will pick up on small things.

One of those small things is actually about that there are small advertisements for something which is known as “Soma” throughout. For those that are not familiar with, in Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World, Soma is a drug which was used by the ruling class as a pacifier for the public. While these rats, as well as the primary rat, in general, are all searching for happiness, it is nowhere we sight.

This is life for all of us whether we are going to realize it or not.

We cannot find happiness in money, drugs, alcohol or technology. Happiness is something that we can only find within. Being pretty aware of this is the first step to getting ourselves out of the Rat Race, at least as best as we can.

While this ass-backward society is not going to let go of us entirely, we can probably prevent it from ruling over us. Educate yourself and do not fall for the tricks of those that do their best to pull the wool over your eyes. You can surely do things if you truly want to. The system in which we live in is designed for keeping us as rats in an experiment. We could not have found a better representation of that.

Take the time to watch, as everything is open to interpretation. You can find the video HERE.

After you watch this short film, you will probably want to watch it again. What do you take away from it?

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