How Having a Pet Will Make You More Successful in Life.

How Having a Pet Will Make You More Successful in Life.

How Having a Pet Will Make You More Successful in Life

Many pet owners will tell you that having a pet isn’t only about the lovely free cuddles you get to have. The truth is, having a pet is beneficial on so many levels. It influences our personal, professional, emotional and even mental well-being. And while more and more studies show just how beneficial it is for children to grow up next to one, grown-ups too can learn a lot from their furry friends.

1. More physical activity.

The fact is, successful people are more energetic. And what better way to be more energetic than having to get up early, go for a nice walk with your dog and then do it two more times during the day, every single day. Another fact is, dog owners are more physically active. So, if you want to lead a healthier life, getting a dog will benefit you a lot. Daily walks will become your regular cardio and you can even turn those walks into runs to improve your fitness level.

2. Healthier heart.

Not only are dog owners more physically active, but studies show that petting a dog actually lowers a person’s heart rate. A lower heart rate means a healthier heart, which means lower risk of having a heart attack. But, petting your dog will not only relax you. Spending time with your dog is actually physiologically beneficial, because when you spend time with your dog the level of oxytocin or the so-called ‘love hormone’ increases.

3. Reduced stress and better emotional state.

More stress means increased risk from a heart attack or any number of psychosomatic illnesses, which means that reducing your stress levels is of the utmost importance. Having a pet basically means having your own in-house shrink. Just imagine yourself going back home after having a super stressful day at work, but when you open your door your dog is happily wagging its tail just because you came home, or your cat is excitingly meowing and purring waiting for some cuddles. Whether you spend time cuddling or playing with your furry friend, you’ll definitely feel more relaxed.

4. Better mood.

Not only does having a pet help prevent depression but they actually help their owners maintain a more positive and healthier outlook on life. The bond that we create with our pets is truly amazing, so no matter how difficult your day was, once you get home you’ll automatically start feeling better because you’ll be around your happy, attention- and cuddle-seeking furry friend.

5. More responsibility.

Having a pet depend on you means that you’ll have to take on more responsibility in your life. It’s highly unlikely your pet will be able to go hunt down its own food or go and pick up its favorite Royal Canin food, so you’ll really have to set aside some time every day to make sure your pet has everything it needs. Owning a pet will teach you just how much your seemingly small actions can influence someone’s life, which will make you realize that it is really up to you whether your pet will have a happy and healthy life. Having a pet rely on you will make you more responsible which will affect all aspects of your life. However, if you don’t consider yourself to be responsible enough, we would advise you not to get a pet. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, or even a fish, every pet needs affection and care. If you feel like you won’t be able to fully commit, it’s definitely better not to get one.

6. Increased productivity

Owning a furry companion will not only turn you into a more responsible person, but it will also help increase your productivity levels. Getting a dog means you will have to get up and start your day earlier and even if you have a cat, it’ll make sure your get up and feed it (usually before the sun is even out). Thanks to your pet, you will have to create (and stick to) a certain routine. So by getting used to having a schedule, you’ll soon become much better at organizing your job duties, which will increase your productivity.

7. Compassion.

You are your pet’s entire world, and all they’ll ask for is your attention. Once you learn to pay attention to your pet and its needs, you’ll have a better understanding of people around you, as well. Compassion and empathy can really help us get along in life because these traits help us understand each other better.

8. Improved social life

As already mentioned, having a pet – especially a dog – means more exercise. Walking your dog means you’ll actually have to get out of your house and socialize with other people. This might mean chatting with other dog owners in the dog park or simply having to stop on the street when strangers want to pet your doggie. Besides, every pet owner loves to yammer about their pet, so it can always be a great ice-breaker when meeting someone new.

9. You’ll want to work harder.

A responsible pet owner knows how much having a pet can cost. So, whether we’re talking about food, vaccines, toys, grooming or anything else, you’ll simply have to work hard if you want your pet to have a healthy and happy life. Many people make the mistake and decide against having a pet precisely because it costs so much, but instead, you can see your pet as a reason to work harder and make both of your lives better.

10. You’ll feel safer.

Dogs make great home security, and any burglar will think twice about breaking in after they hear your dog barking. Also, simply having a living being in your home will make you feel safer. Just how many times did you freak out when you heard a strange noise in your house while you were all alone? The next time you hear something, you’ll know that it’s probably just your fur ball.

At the end of the day, it’s quite simple. When you have a pet, you will not only get unconditional love, but your personal and professional life will improve as well.

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