Here’s how to help Mexico after another deadly earthquake.

Here’s how to help Mexico after another deadly earthquake.

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UPDATE Sept. 26, 12:17 a.m. PT: More organizations have been added that are accepting donations for earthquake relief in Mexico.

Powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck near Mexico City on Tuesday, killing at least 139 people.

Without power and phones, people are having trouble getting in touch with the people they need to. And to be more stressful, the country was already recovering from an earthquake that hit less than two weeks ago.

So here’s how you can help the earthquake victims:

1. Donate everything you can.

Big Organizations like UNICEF are looking for monetary donations.

The people there need everything but mostly they are looking for clothes, water, and food. These stuff needs to be given to the Red Cross, Oxfam, Save the Children, and Direct Relief is a way to get resources flowing. A Smaller nonprofit organization like Project Paz are also collecting donations for earthquake relief.

Mexico earthquake

Mexico earthquake


2. Local help.

There’s a constant need of volunteers getting for the needed areas. Social networks like Twitter is full of pleas for rescue teams. A retweet could help spread the word about a community’s needs.

Mexico earthquake



Mexico City officials are coordinating volunteers who want to help to the affected areas. There’s also a list of hostels throughout the city.

Mexico earthquake

3. Social media for good.

Social media is also helping people to keep in touch and locate loved ones and reconnect families. Google has a finder platform where people can share information about someone or ask for help locating a friend or family member.

There’s a public Google spreadsheet with the list of rescued people.

Sharing every information could be very helpful. Information such as where to find free hospital visits and available apartments. People are also sharing public safety messages, like reminding others to keep streets clean of cars for the faster moving of the medical teams.

Mexico earthquake

Mexico earthquake


The need for help won’t disappear anytime soon. This is an ongoing recovery after two devastating earthquakes.

UPDATE from Sept. 26, 4:30 p.m. PT: GoFundMe is tracking crowdfunding campaigns for Mexico earthquake relief in one place. There are a lot of campaigns. The students from the University of Pennsylvania are on their way to raising $30,000 for the Mexican Red Cross. A Mexican-American group based in Massachusetts already surpassed its $10,000 goal to send money to the Topos rescue group.

One of the biggest donations is from actress Salma Hayek, who contributed $100,000 to her native country. All the money — so far more than $170,000 — has been donated to UNICEF and the organization’s rescue teams in Mexico.

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