21 Hilarious Facts Which Are, In Fact, Completely True

21 Hilarious Facts Which Are, In Fact, Completely True

Hilarious Facts

As we are growing older, it is harder and harder for some things to surprise us. But, everything which we are supposed to do is being wide open to exploring some new views and horizons, as well as open to curiosity.

Here, we are going to present you a list of interesting facts for some normal things which are surrounding us. Be careful – these ordinary things can actually turn your view for the world head over heels.

Here are the 21 facts which are absolutely true:

  1. Matches were not invented before the lighter.
  2. Keeping a goldfish in a room without light will make its color fade.
  3. A woman has twice as many pain receptors as a man has. However, their threshold for pain is higher.
  4. When accompanied by music, flowers will grow even faster.
  5. During the first ten minutes after it was born, a young duck takes everyone that it sees for its mother.
  6. According to scientific findings, a person will dream more often at night, depending on its IQ – the higher it is, the more the person dreams.
  7. In order to improve their vision at night, pirates covered one of their eyes with a black piece of material.
  8. The possibility to die of a coconut which falls on your head is higher than dying from a shark attack.
  9. People burn more calories when they are frowning instead of when they are smiling.
  10. If cars could fly, we would need only one hour to get into space.
  11. The opener for cans has been invented after 48 years from the time when canned food was.
  12. Those whales that do not sing the right notes get lost, and live forever alone.
  13. Ostrich has larger eyes than its brain.
  14. Until the 1950s, smoking was considered a healthy habit.
  15. The King of Hearts is actually the only King that does not have a mustache in a usual card deck.
  16. The army of Australia undertook a war on emus in 1932, and birds were the winners.
  17. Nintendo has been discovered at the time of the Ottoman Empire.
  18. A rubber ball cannot bounce as high as a glass one.
  19. About two-thirds of the population in the world has never seen snow in their lives.
  20. Dog’s collars with spikes have been invented in Ancient Egypt, in order to protect the necks of the dogs from the wolves.
  21. Slaves were not the ones that constructed the pyramids. According to some contemporary discoveries, the workers that build them were paid manual workers that were satisfactorily fed.

Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by SDS)/By YuriyZhuravov


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