How to Get Those Perfect Pink Lips

How to Get Those Perfect Pink Lips


Guest Post by: Emylee John

Our lips definitely enhance our facial features, and it’s nothing new that we all adore pink plump lips. Healthy lips not just soften our features but also indicate a healthy body. Chapped and bleeding lips indicate dehydration and are not so appealing to many of us. It is also quite discomforting to have your favorite spicy foods when your lips are chapped. It does burn really bad. Another thing that we don’t like but have to go through at some time or another is dark lips and pigmentation. God, save us if we get any Fordyce spots too, it can be a pain. Not to worry, we have it all sorted today.

Common conditions and their possible causes

There are a few problems that are not that huge but seem big since our face always gets the most of the attention and lips are definitely not spared, let’s see what they are:

  • Dark lips

               Lips usually start looking a little darker due to the low blood circulation in that part, moreover smoking and stress can also be the potential culprits. Consumption of too much caffeine and long hours in the sun can lead to hyperpigmentation and make them appear dark.

  • Chapped lips and bleeding

              This could be an indication that your body lacks hydration, and that causes lips to go dry. Another reason could be licking your lips often, which makes them get chapped really fast.

  • Fordyce spots

               Whitish-yellow in color, these tiny bumps can be found on the edge of your lips and inside the cheeks as well. The main reason begins this condition is greasy skin. There is nothing to worry about because you can treat it at home, here are some natural remedies for Fordyce spots

  1. Garlic- Take two garlic cloves and crush them, take this first thing in the morning and you’ll soon start to see them fading. Garlic is antibacterial and helps in maintaining good oral hygiene.
  2. Apple cider vinegar- Mix equal proportion of Apple cider vinegar and water and apply it with a cotton pad on the affected area, keep it for 15-20 minutes and wash off with water. Apple cider vinegar is a power anti-inflammatory agent, and it minimizes the spots quickly. It also regulates the sebum production around that area, which generally is the root cause of this.
  3. Jojoba oil- It is an amazing source of vitamin E and can nourish the skin instantly, thereby soothing the irritated skin. Simply take a few drops and massage it gently over the affected area.
  4. Buttermilk-  It contains anti-allergic properties and can be really soothing for the affected skin, simply dab a cotton pad in some buttermilk and clean the area with it, you can do it as often as 5-6 times a day, whenever the skin feels dry.
  5. Coconut oil- This magical ingredient is extremely effective in treating this condition, take a drop on your clean fingers and massage the affected area with it, it treats the dry skin and also contains anti-microbial properties.

Now that we know some amazing kitchen deals let’s see if there is something that can make our lips get pink and plump naturally,

Tips for healthy pink lips

Here are our 7 best tips for that picture-perfect lips

  1. Exfoliate– We need to get rid of the dead skin, but not by peeling our lips, let’s do it gently with a homemade remedy, all you need is a spoonful of sugar and a teaspoon of honey, mix them together and scrub those dark lips away.
  2. Lip mask– Masks are not just for our face but for our lips too. They can hydrate and provide our lips that extra care, to make a lip mask mix about half a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a few drops of milk until you get a thick paste. Leave it on your lips for 10 minutes, and simply scrub it off and put on some Vaseline late.
  3. Hydration– It is the key if you can’t drink too much water, then try adding some mint leaves and lemon to it or you can simply make some infused water for yourself, it’ll make you drink more water than you actually can imagine.
  4. Aloe gel– It is packed with soothing properties and can definitely make your lips pink and plump naturally, just smear some gel, and you’re good to go.
  5. Almond oil– rich in vitamin E, it deeply nourishes your lips and makes them soft and creaseless. lt also works amazingly on flaky lips as well.
  6. Beetroot– As we all know, it has natural colored pigments and can be an amazing option. For a natural lip tint, just put some beetroot juice on your lips, and not only will it make your lips pink, but they’ll appear a lot softer as well.
  7. Glycerin– The best overnight treatment for your chapped lips, just a drop at night, and when you’ll wake up, you’ll actually notice the difference, and your lips will feel link and hydrated for the whole of the day.

These tips can help you get those perfect lips in the long run. Just be patient, and don’t you dare lick them again!


Author Bio:

Emylee  is a wellness lifestyle writer. She loves sharing her thoughts and personal experiences related to natural remedies, yoga and fitness through her writing. She currently writes for How To Cure. She can connect with others experiencing health concerns and help them through their recovery journeys through natural remedies.

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