Human Energy Fields Are Stronger Than We Realize.

Human Energy Fields Are Stronger Than We Realize.

Energy Fields

When you are on the computer, does it seem to do things that aren’t “normal” or does it work fine one day and they won’t work at all the next day?

Are you one of those people who go through device after device for no apparent reason? Is there other unexplained, almost supernatural, a phenomenon that happens to you when it comes to computers and electronics?

Maybe it’s your energy field.

Please note that while the phenomenon we are about to discuss is very real for many people (I’ve personally seen it in action many times) it is not necessarily widely recognized by the scientific or technical communities as a real causality of computer/electronics issues.

An energy field, or electric field, is a physics term used to describe the magnetic fields created in the space surrounding electrically charged particles. Because of our electrically charged particles, our cells and tissues generate electrical fields.

This is typically referred to as an “aura,” although it’s a bit more complicated than that. Should you like to get into the science behind this, here is some information surrounding the possible physics of human energy fields.

It is believed (and seen and experienced by many) that your aura can interfere, interrupt, and even affect and break computers and electronic devices. For some, this happens routinely, and they go through device after device, with each one breaking for no apparent reason.

For others, the problem is experienced intermittently, like when their emotions are running high, they’re overly stressed out, or when they are sick or run down. And yet others still will never experience this phenomenon at all.

One possible reason that human energy fields can affect electronic energy fields is that our modern day electronics all contain quartz crystals which help the internal clocks keep time, and which also help transmit and receive signals.

The computer is electrifying and vibrating the quartz using a magnetic field, so if your personal energy field is strong enough, it could affect and even change the frequency at which the crystal is vibrating.

If you are experiencing an abnormal level of computer or electronic weirdness, it could be because you too are experiencing disturbances in your energy field. If this experience is sudden and out of the blue, review how you’re feeling.

Are you stressed out, angry, or feeling any other strong emotion that could be causing the problem?

If you are overly emotional for any reason, try to find ways to calm your emotions and see if that helps the problem. If you’re sick or rundown, give yourself some extra TLC and see if the problem is still occurring once you’re better.

If you experience these disturbances all the time, such as the man I know who cannot keep a digital camera for longer than a few months because they just stop working, you could have a larger problem with your energy field, one that may be corrected by finding ways to re-ground yourself, along with visiting an energy specialist, such as a Reiki practitioner, who can re-attune and align your chakras (the energy centers at particular points throughout the body).

You can also correct the problem by keeping particular stones or crystals around your desk, to help mitigate the effects of your electric field.


By Julie Strier, Guest Writer

This article Human Energy Fields Are Stronger Than We Realize was published by Humans Are Free and it is re-posted here with kind permission.

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  1. Leah Star Griffin

    Leah on Tuesday, 20 November, 2018 at 2:31 am
    Its real I l8ve in Columbus georgia nearFtBenning one of the,largestmilitarybases in the world I stared at the sun ECT and have exoerienced traumatic negative emotional exoeriences PTSD in order for extraction without my approval of such energies I have fotmuals proof and would like to see other ame5icams protected and those greedily taking advantage of those that can hold such an energy regulated, and protectionformyself anyone that can help please call or email 7069872340 leah star griffin GazaLeah [email protected]

    1. Leah, get your head checked. You need to be in a loony bin.

      1. how is that comment gonna help.teach.benefit humanity Annie because we need to mind our own dam business…or at least have a helpful are we ever going to evolve if this is the way you discuss things…jeeezzzz

      2. Lanis Neubauer

        and that you think will help…. how …and who….ask yourself will this comment help benefit and enlighten someone.correct someone with valid humanity…and if it doesnt as much as we are enjoying your upbeat and helpful input seriously how are we supposed to evolve when this is our maturity level….jeeeezzzzzz

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