Intense Energies Flooding The Planet This Week — Get Ready For Perpetual Changes!

Intense Energies Flooding The Planet This Week — Get Ready For Perpetual Changes!


If you are sensitive lately, chances are that you have noticed a recent overwhelming force. Energies seem to be coming in from different sides.

As a result of all the astrological things going on lately, energy is flowing now more than ever. As you may already know, the Full Moon was on the 1st this month. This means that we have been pushed to find balance. And this push is still not over.

Just because the Full Moon is not here, it does not mean that the energy which is left behind is done working on us.

Have you found any balance yet?

Well, you haven’t probably, as it is not something that happens overnight.

Remember that these energies are not here to make things hard for you. Instead, they are here to help you better yourself and prepare you for the New Year. Lately, you may have been feeling really uncomfortable, and this is an explanation as to why.

As these energies do their jobs, people who are more sensitive will feel a bit anxious. You should remember that you need to pay attention to your emotions, actions, and perception of things. This energy will only continue increasing until the end of the month.

If lately, you have been lashing out, all of that will surely come to an end.

You should use this time wisely.

Feeling scattered may seem odd to you but it is a sign that these energies are actually making some changes on you. They are putting everything in its place and are also helping you to lay the foundation for your future.

You have probably felt this deep overwhelming energy, so we recommend you to spend the next few days meditating. You should also focus on what you wish to achieve and achieve it.

In case that you haven’t found much information about the Full Moon which just passed, you can check out this article.

These things are also not coming to an end anytime soon. [Source: AwarenessAct/Image Credit: Arcvein]

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