A Woman’s Worth

A Woman’s Worth

international woman's day

March 8 is International Women’s Day. This day is dedicated to honoring women’s achievements in cultural, social, economic, and political spheres across the globe, bringing attention to women’s rights and gender parity.

The statistical measure and sociological metric called gender parity makes a comparison between men and women in regards of their education, income, work hours, etc. This is how researchers track the progress or regress of society in certain areas. Gender parity is a vital tool for policymakers whose goal is achieving gender equality.

International Women’s Day is celebrated ever since 1911. It’s a time when we see how far women have come, what is still needed, and how to continue breaking down barriers. This day was created by the Suffragettes who strove for equality. The focus on this day is unity and strength.

The first glimpse of International Women’s Day was in 1909, over a century ago, when 15,000 women protested low pay, long work hours, and the lack of voting rights in New York City. This day became known as the New York shirtwaist strike of 1909.

This day was first called National Woman’s Day and it was officially celebrated in 1911 after its celebration spread on a global level. The first country that unintentionally set the March 8 trend was Russia, even though the day wasn’t an official holiday until 1913. Namely, women were left to deal with food shortages while men were off to a war, and the government refused to listen to them in the meantime.

But, on March 8, 1917, thousands of women in Russia demanded change by protesting on the streets, paving their way to grant voting rights a bit later.

International Women’s Day in 2020

International Women’s Day or IWD was officially recognized by the United States in 1975. But, ever since 1996, it has an annual theme which is supposed to be a shared goal throughout the entire year. The theme for this year is “An equal world is an enabled world” or #EachforEqual.

According to the organization, this day offers a chance to reflect on women’s achievements, challenge stereotypes, broaden perceptions, fight bias, and improve situations. It asks for each person to help create a gender-equal world.

The campaign theme for this year’s International Women’s Day draws on the idea that every person is part of a whole, and that one’s behaviors, actions, and mindsets have an important effect on the larger society.

If you like to take part in the celebration for this day, you can join in some of the many events that will span from art exhibitions and festivals to global gatherings and informative conferences, held by women’s charities, networks, corporations, political parties, and other organizations.

In case you can’t join in any of the events, you can still participate by wearing something purple on the International Women’s Day. This color signifies justice and dignity. Another way to join the participants is to strike the #EachforEqual pose, and share your messages and opinions on social media with the hashtag #IWD2020.

March 8 is celebrated in many countries of the world as an official holiday. Some nations celebrate it as the holiday for mothers, and others as the holiday only for women.  In the United States, it’s still not recognized as an official holiday, but it has been proposed.


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