It Took Me 60 Years To Learn These 19 Things

It Took Me 60 Years To Learn These 19 Things

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The American author, Pulitzer prize winner, and humorist Dave Barry is known for many things, but mostly for its interesting quotes about things he has learned in his life.

Fans have gathered the best of his quotes about life from the book called Dave Burry Turns 50 and the piece called 25 Things I Have Learned in 50 Years. What makes them stand the test of time for over two decades is that there’s so much wisdom and truth in these quotes.

For that reason, we’ve selected 19 of his pearls of wisdom and decided to share them with you.

Read them carefully and try to remember as much as you can.

1. It’s ok to look at the ocean’s surface and enjoy it, but once you see what’s underwater, you’ll realize the real point of the ocean. In other words, staying on the surface and not being aware of everything that’s underneath is like staring at the outside of a circus tent.

2. The one thing we all have in common no matter our gender, age, ethnic background, economic status, or religion is the secret belief that we are above-average drivers.

3. The one word that you’ll probably use to describe the reason why people have not and will never achieve their full potential as a human race is “meetings.”

4. You can see the sense of humor as a measure of the extent people realize that they are trapped in a world almost completely devoid of reason. When it comes to laughter, it’s the way people express their anxiety caused by this knowledge.

5. Don’t let fear prevent you from trying something new. Never forget that Titanic was built by a large group of professionals and the Ark was built by an individual.

6. Women are not simple, unlike men. They believe that men must be like them, but more mysterious. The truth is, men don’t think much. Tragically, they are what they seem to be.

7. The time when you should stop expecting everyone making a big deal out of your birthday is age 11.

8. Nobody cares if you’re a good dancer or not. Just get up and move.

9. Don’t put your focus on money if you don’t have it. Just be happy the way you are.

10. Guys are like fine wine. They are grapes until women stomp on them and turn them into something they can have dinner with.

11. Do not take a laxative and a sleeping pill on the same night, no matter what.

12. Don’t let yourself believe that your job is your life.

13. This quote is very important, so pay attention: If someone is nice to you but rude to the waiter, you’re not dealing with a nice person.

14. No one can give you a clean and reasonable reason why we use daylight savings time.

15. Don’t expect the person who shares their religious views with you to want to hear yours.

16. Light always defeats darkness. A tiny match can lighten the darkest room. So, as long as lightness exists, we can defeat darkness.

17. Gossip is the most destructive force in the whole universe.

18. A true friend will love you anyway.

19. When a problem occurs, or things fall apart, there’s always one person who comes up with a solution and takes the lead. In most cases, that person is crazy.

A Few Words about Dave Barry

The journalist and author Dave Barry started his career in 1971. His first job in his journalist career was as a general-assignment reporter in the Pennsylvanian-based Daily Local News in West Chester. Barry also wrote a column that was published in the Miami Herald.

His first published book was The Taming of the Screw in 1983. He continued writing and publishing more books. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1988. He was praised for the ability to use his sense of humor to present new insights into serious matters.

Barry’s novel Big Trouble was adapted to a movie in 2011, starring Patrick Warburton, Rene Russo, and Tim Allen. He made a cameo in the movie but it was later deleted.


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