Italian Bars Are Giving Their Customers Pasta Straws To Reduce Plastic Waste.

Italian Bars Are Giving Their Customers Pasta Straws To Reduce Plastic Waste.

pasta straws

Pasta is the first thing that comes to our mind when we mention Italy. It is the most famous traditional Italian dish which is made from durum wheat and water, and it can be stamped in different shapes and sizes. Mmm…sounds delicious, especially when it is prepared in boiled water and served with Parmesan cheese. But, did you know that nowadays, in many Italian bars, bucatini pasta that comes in a tubular shape, is used as an alternative to plastic straws?! Yes, that’s right. So, don’t be confused when you go to Italy, and you order a drink, and instead of a plastic straw, you see a tubular-shaped pasta. It sounds a little bit strange, but it is true.

The user, u/GranFabio, posted an image on Reddit that shows a drink with a straw-looking pasta in it, and this post got 77 thousand upvotes. The main goal of this act was to send a powerful message to the public that we are facing a severe problem called “plastic waste.” We need to make some small changes to slow down the usage of plastic in our everyday life.

pasta straws
Image Credit: GranFabio

The UK Company, named Stroodles, already makes and sells pasta straws that are without taste and can last up to one hour in cold drinks. Maxim Gelmann, the Company’s founder, says that Stroodles is not just a straw company, his vision is much bigger and much higher. He explains that these small changes that are about to be spread all over the Globe will leave a long-term impact on those people who are less conscious of sustainability and their inappropriate action and behavior in the environment.

As we can see, Stroodles is not just a company that produces pasta straws, Stroodles is a movement, and an educational company which is the first big step to more sustainable thinking and the pasta straws are just the main weapons used in the battle against the plastic waste. The sooner we reach the people who are less environmentally conscious, the easier would be the way to show them how these sustainable changes can make a great positive impact,” added Maxim.

But we need to get closer to the public in a way which is non-preachy and non-intrusive. This is the reason why these pasta straws were invented because the approach should be fun and creative. Once we engage the people with Stroodle, they are going to ask themselves the real question, “why do I have a pasta straw in my drink?” This kind of question will lead the people to a rational conclusion, and it will happen in a non-preachy, non-finger-pointing manner, and the final result would be: people with raised (environmental) awareness. Who knows, maybe next time when somebody offers them a plastic bag, their reaction will be different.

stroodles pasta straws

As we mentioned above, Stroodles are tasteless pasta straws that can last up to one hour in cold drinks. In more frozen drinks, they can last even more and can be used over and over again with multiple refills. They are not recommended with hot drinks, but let’s face the fact that even with plastic straws, we can’t drink hot drinks because we can burn ourselves”. “I had some kids that drink hot chocolate through Stroodles,” said Maxim, “and when they got bendy, the kids loved it.”

This revolutionary usage of pasta straws is just sparkle, and it is going to be an excellent incentive for more people to become environmentally friendly. The acceptance of this idea will lead to beneficial results because a healthier environment means a healthier life.


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