January Full Moon Ritual for Kickstarting The New Year Ahead — Embrace the New Energies of 2018!

January Full Moon Ritual for Kickstarting The New Year Ahead — Embrace the New Energies of 2018!

January Full Moon Ritual

January 2018 will be a busy month. It starts off with a Super Full Moon on the 1st-2nd, and it will end with a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on its last day.

While all this energy will be kick-starting the New Year that follows, it will also be reminding us to bring closure to the year gone by.

Full Moons almost always represent a time of completion. Seeing this Full Moon falling in the watery sign of Cancer, we will be asked to cleanse and release all that prevents us from truly loving ourselves.

The energy of Cancer represents nourishment, as well as intuition and self-care. On this Super Full Moon, we are going to have to tune into that softer and intuitive voice within and take some care of our mind, as well as body and spirit.

The ritual is designed to help you do just that. It will also help you in cleansing, as well as releasing all the energy which is no longer yours to carry.

Also, this ritual will help you to shed the dead weight of the year that is gone by, so you can actually welcome and embrace the new energies of the year that follows.

This ritual can be best done just before showering from the 31st of December to the 7th January 2018.

You will need the following:
– Sage or another smudging tool of your choice;
– Jug or bowl of water;
– Your favorite blend of essential oils. Or dried herbs, as well as flowers.

January Full Moon Ritual Step 1:

Light your sage and start smudging your aura, beginning at the top of your head. After that, wave the smoke around your whole body. Make sure not to forget the back of your neck and the bottom of your feet. As you smudge yourself, recite the following affirmation three times:

I cleanse, as well as release all the energy which is no longer mine to carry. I shed, as well as clear myself of any pains of the past. I also release myself from any guilt or regrets which are weighing me down. I also cleanse myself so I am light and free too. I cleanse myself with light and loving energy.

January Full Moon Ritual Step 2:

Once that you have cleansed, get your bowl or jug and fill it with water. After that, add your essential oils, dried herbs or flowers into the water. To choose the perfect blend of oils/herbs etc. place your hand over your heart and say to yourself the following:

Intuition, please guide me to the perfect blend of herbs, flowers, and oils which will lift my spirits and will cleanse me of any pains, healing my body, soul, and mind.

January Full Moon Ritual Step 3:

Gently stir the water into the bowl by using your finger and repeat the following affirmation for nine times. You can also write your own. Repeat the following:

I seal this water with the power of self-love. I also seal this water with the wisdom and power which comes from within. I am a strong person. I am a light person. I deserve to love myself. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to let go of any pains, as well as to see the beauty in all of life. I am a strong person. I am light, and I love myself.

After you recite the affirmation for nine times, clap loudly three times. Clapping will help you in removing any negative energy. It can also be helpful in sealing the intention of your affirmation.

January Full Moon Ritual Step 4:

Once that your affirmation has infused the water, take it into the shower/bath with you. In your mind, keep reciting “I love you” or some other powerful self-loving affirmation.

Pour the water over your body and allow it to infuse into you. Imagine it soaking away all your troubles, as well as cleansing you. You will feel loved and inspired by the year that follows. Then, you can shower as you usually do. Also, discard any remaining herbs/flowers in your garden or compost.

Happy Super Full Moon to everyone!

Source/Inspired: Forever Conscious. Image Credit: Shutterstock (Licensed by SDS).

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