5 Essential Steps to Jump-Start Our Weight-Management Journey.

5 Essential Steps to Jump-Start Our Weight-Management Journey.

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Who among us hasn’t wondered why we can’t have the body we’ve always dreamed about? Our rational mind knows that we need to implement a step-by-step plan, but deep inside, our unconscious mind still dreams of finding that miracle pill or magic wand that perfects our weight-management.

While we’ve been taught about hard work at school, in competitive sports, or in our professional career, the problem is that nobody really taught us that to get in control of our weight, hard work isn’t enough. There’s also crucial information that we need to know to be able to practice and perfect weight-management.

The same way we worked hard to adjust to brushing our teeth a few times a day, learning our multiplication tables, or becoming proficient at work, if we want to control our weight, we need to learn the right habits for a healthy lifestyle and adjust our lives to them.

But since we haven’t learned exactly what to do, we still fixate on that shiny object, the one that we’ve seen over and over, and it’s telling us it will solve our weight-management problem with little or no work.

And we know deep inside that it won’t work, but it’s so shiny and so new that we end up infatuated with it — that latest fad diet!

Let’s learn the simple nuts and bolts of diets, their effect on the body, and then, instead of dieting, the five essential steps we need to take to get a jump-start into our weight-management journey to success!

OK, here we go!

Why miracle diets fail and quick fixes don’t work.

Everybody wants a quick fix. Just a few changes without too much effort and … voila! In just a short time, we have a new weight and a new life — forever! The reality is that a quick fix doesn’t work.

When we find a diet that makes us lose a lot of weight fast, it doesn’t come cheap for our long-term health.

It most likely is a scenario that asks us to significantly restrict the number of calories we’re consuming, requiring a significant effort that leaves us exhausted.

Or it bans an important and necessary group of nutrients for a certain period of time — either proteins, fats, or carbohydrates. In this scenario, we usually lose weight because the eating process gets so boring that we end up eating less.

In both scenarios, sooner or later we’ll end up regaining most of the weight we lost.

When we restrict our calories dramatically.

In the first scenario, after decreasing the calories we ingest, our body starts to economize its energy expenditure, using fewer calories than before for the same activities, and it learns how to use this limited available energy as efficiently as possible.

weight loss and management

When we return to a higher-calorie intake after the diet, our body already knows how to use less energy on daily activities than before, and it uses that energy more efficiently, making us recover the lost weight and gain even more; this is known as the yo-yo effect of dieting.

We also lose muscle mass in the process, but since more muscle helps us burn more calories and keep the weight off, we’re much worse off.

When we eliminate a food group from our diet.

In the second scenario, when we’ve finished our miracle diet and can re-introduce a variety of foods after having restricted a certain group of foods, we tend to overeat those foods because we missed them so much!

More about yo-yo dieting.

Yo-yo dieting is the result of a calorie-restricted diet. The body adjusts to spending less energy for its basic processes, which lowers the metabolism.

When we go back to a higher-calorie intake, the body has already adjusted to using less caloric energy, so it automatically saves the unused calories in the form of body fat to use for energy in the future in case we reduce calories again. As a result, we gain weight easily just from taking in a few extra calories.

If we have just been on a calorie-restricted diet, we probably will have lost significant muscle mass during the process. Given too few calories, the body turns to burning muscle to obtain sugar from protein and feed the brain (which fuels itself only from sugars), and the body lowers its metabolism to get maximum efficiency from the lowest calorie intake. Yo-yo dieting leaves us with less muscle (our ally to burn calories) and a lower metabolic rate (our calorie burner).

Food lovers and weight-management.

We all love food. We’re born with the natural ability to love food to be able to survive. If babies didn’t like eating, they would die. But a big part of the eating process is education. Depending on how we educate our taste buds, we’re going to like a specific type of food more or less. This is the part we can manage in order to get in control of our weight. By cooking and eating the foods we like, that are good for us, in an appropriate way, we’ll re-educate our own taste buds until we begin to crave the right foods for us.

So let’s ditch crash-dieting and enjoy food!

We’re an entrepreneur creating our own business.

So if dieting won’t work, how will enjoying food solve the problem? Let’s not allow our rational and irrational minds to fight anymore. Miracle pills and magic wands don’t exist, and we won’t be able to control our weight unless we start to work on learning and developing a healthy lifestyle in which we enjoy eating.

Let’s approach this as an entrepreneur creating our own business — the business of our own body’s healthy success! We won’t have all the answers to start with, and we won’t know exactly what to do and how to do it from day one, but if we do it slowly, with the right information, and take it one step at a time, we’ll become better every day, until we’re proficient at what we do so we can finally succeed.

Five basic steps for jump-starting now.

The first and most important five steps to take to start this “weight-management entrepreneurial business” are:

1. Learn, assimilate, and use healthy portion sizes until we don’t even need to think about them.

2. Cut down on sugars. Learn why sugars aren’t good for us and why we should avoid them as much as possible.

3. Be smart on carbs. Learn about the different types of carbs and why all carbs are not created equal. Learn about glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL), and eat only the foods with low values for those.

4. Don’t let fats scare us. We need them, and they actually can help us control our weight. Learn which ones are the good ones and which are the bad ones, and make them work in our favor.

5. Get enough sleep, and practice a “be happy” attitude. That will generate weight-management-friendly hormones that will help us control our weight.

And what do entrepreneurs do when they happen to make a mistake or even fail? They keep going or even start over if necessary.

What about you? Do you have what it takes to jump-start your weight-management entrepreneurial business of your healthy life and body with those five easy, efficient steps? Tell us about it in the comments, and we’ll encourage each other on our journeys to success!

What’s next?

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