June-August 2018: Prepare for a Crazy Summer with Six Planets Going Retrograde.

June-August 2018: Prepare for a Crazy Summer with Six Planets Going Retrograde.

Six Planets Going Retrograde

This year is a year of building, a year to start creating a solid foundation so that you can manifest the life of your dreams.

Since the beginning of the year, the cosmos was guiding us to take action and to start building up the life we wish to have. We were working hard in order to create the security and structure, as well as find the balance with the current direction of our lives.

The cosmos is not joking, especially when you realize that by the end of this month, from June 26th until August 27th, we are going to have up to six planets in the solar system retrograde, which is going to slow everything down. Jupiter, as well as Saturn and Pluto, are already in retrograde, but Mercury, Neptune, and Mars are going to join them later this month.

Retrograde energy is about moving within. It is about pausing, reflecting, as well as working on what is already in front of us rather than reaching for anything new. Retrogrades also cause the expression of the planet to turn inwards, rather than outwards, which actually means that we feel the effects of the planet on a different level. In some cases, we feel the planet more strongly, and it is working on a more internal, as well as subconscious level.

Even though most of us will feel Mars retrograde more than Neptune retrograde, and there is a pretty cool reason why. In astrology, the planet Neptune is referred to as an outer planet, considering its 2.7 billion miles away from the planet Earth.

During a heavy retrograde period like this one, the energy of the cosmos will become slow, and instead of trying to us push ahead, we have to look to our past and see how our actions, attitudes, as well as beliefs, are manifesting in our lives.

Each of the planets will give off its own energy and vibration when it is in retrograde, but having so many planets retrograde at the same time may also make it difficult to differentiate which is which.

Here, we have a short overview of each retrograde planet, as well as of all the effects we may feel during this period:

Mars (June 26-August 27)

This planet is actually the most important one of these retrogrades as its retrograde is the least and the effects that it has, are much more noticeable. Mars retrogrades happen only once on every 1.5 years or so, and when it happens, it challenges us to assess, as well as review the direction of our lives. Mars is going to retrograde through the sign of Aquarius and Capricorn, and under this energy, we will be guided to really go over the past and to reflect on how our actions have been serving or hindering us.

Saturn (April 18-September 6)

Saturn is going to be retrograde in the sign of Capricorn for at least half of the year, so we will have enough time to adjust to the energies. The retrograde of this planet was guiding people to focus on what they want to take responsibility for, as well as where they need to set boundaries in their lives. Under this energy, the planet Saturn is really going to be drawing our attention to whatever we need to step up, as well as take ownership of in order to create the life that we want to live. We may also have to take a look at our past actions or dig through old childhood patterns so that we will find our way forward.

Neptune (June 18- November 25)

The retrograde of the planet Neptune will be for nearly half of the year, so we do not feel such effects as strongly. We will have enough time to adjust to these energies. Neptune is retrograde in Pisces, and it is going to help us to come to terms with our spirituality. We may also have some new ideas or understanding around our spirituality, or we may just feel confused about what we believe in. After turning direct, clarity often follows, and we may receive a new understanding.

Jupiter (March 9-July 10)

The retrograde of the planet Jupiter is going to be guiding us to think about bigger, as well as global causes and how we can make changes which affect the greater good. As this planet retrogrades through the sign of Scorpio, problems about sexuality and gender equality may come to the forefront. Also, we may be guided to assess where we need to think bigger, in order to get where we want to be.

Pluto (April 22-October 2)

This planet will also be retrograde for most of the year which is why we will not feel the effects that this retrograde has completely. It is retrograde in Capricorn, and it will be helping us to dig through any skeletons in the closet, as well as to release them once and for all. Secrets may also be revealed, or you may receive a new understanding or a new truth at this time. The retrograde of Pluto will touch every one of us differently, but essentially some type of death and rebirth cycle is going to take place.

Mercury (July 26th-August 19)

This planet goes retrograde every few months, so we are already used to its energy. The effects of Mercury retrograde during this period will likely be amplified, and we may feel more out of sorts than usual. At the time of Mercury retrograde in the sign of Leo, we may feel encouraged to think about some new ways to be creative. It is a time to go within, as well as uncover buried thoughts, feelings, as well as emotions. It is a time also to dig up any subconscious thought patterns which may be blocking us.

Uranus (August 7- January 6, 2019)

The planet Uranus will go retrograde until 2019 through the signs of Taurus, as well as Aries. Under this retrograde energy, we will be clearing, as well as wrapping up lessons from 2008, when Uranus first entered in the sign of Aries. As the planet travels out of Taurus and back into Aries, we are going to be given any final lessons of gifts, and we may also be really encouraged to start a new chapter and a new cycle. After turning direct, this planet in Taurus is going to present us with some new themes and lessons for the year that comes.

Collectively, each of these retrograding planets, as well as energies, is going to be guiding us to consider our actions and what choices we were making in our lives so far.

Retrograde dates for June-August 2018:


  • Jupiter retrograde;
  • Saturn retrograde;
  • Neptune retrograde;
  • Pluto retrograde;
  • Mars retrograde (begins June 26).


  • Mars retrograde;
  • Jupiter retrograde (ends July 10);
  • Saturn retrograde;
  • Neptune retrograde;
  • Pluto retrograde;
  • Mercury retrograde (begins July 26).


  • Mars retrograde (ends August 27);
  • Uranus retrograde (begins August 7);
  • Saturn retrograde;
  • Neptune retrograde;
  • Pluto retrograde;
  • Mercury retrograde (ends August 19).


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