Jupiter Is Crossing Paths With Mars — Get Ready For A Wonderful New Energy!

Jupiter Is Crossing Paths With Mars — Get Ready For A Wonderful New Energy!

Jupiter Is Crossing Paths With Mars

Back in November 2017 the planets Jupiter and Venus crossed their paths in the sky. We were showered with the energy of love and abundance. Now, it is time for the planets Mars and Jupiter to cross their paths in the sky and this will occur from January 5-7th, 2018.
These planets’ aligning is extremely rare. In fact the next time this will be in 2020. Whenever unusual alignments like this take place, their energy is in fact always more significant and unique.

Mars is known to be the planet of action and energy. The ancients also considered it as the planet of war. As the planet of war, Mars will have the ability to use the power and strength.

It will fight for what it believed in, find the energy and bring resolution to a conflict. Although the energy of the planet Mars can be destructive, it may also inspire some changes and movement. Whenever the energy of Mars is strong, we will be encouraged to follow our hearts, as well as take some action.

The planet Mars also rules over intense emotions like lust, passion, and danger. It is critical whenever the energy of Mars is amplified to ensure that we are not taking action from a place of anger. Or doing something that we may regret later on. However, it is also essential to tune into our instincts, as well as follow through on what it is that we truly desire.

The planet Jupiter is going to be amplifying the energy of the planet Mars.

It will be guiding all of us to think about what direction we would like to move on. This is also an incredible energy for the start of the year. It will help us to create actionable goals, as well as resolutions which we can stick to.

If you want to make some changes in your life, or if you want something that is different for yourself, you will have to take some new action. You have to change up what you have been doing and bring some fresh wave of energy into your routine.

After all, as the saying goes:

If you want something different, you will have to do something different.

Both of the planets will be aligning in the sky in the Scorpio constellation.

Scorpio energy is all about transformation, as well as death and rebirth. While the planet Mars is just in Scorpio for a short period, the planet Jupiter will remain here until November this year. While is in Scorpio, Jupiter has been helping us adjust our attitudes towards gender equality and sexuality.

The recent “me too” movement is a perfect example of what kind of energy Jupiter in Scorpio can bring. The planet Jupiter helps us in raising our level of consciousness and understanding around more significant, as well as global issues so that we can make some changes and make improvements for all of humanity.

As these planets align in Scorpio, we may see more progress, as well as action taken with this “me too” movement, and some other critical humanitarian issues. We may feel inspired to make some changes instead of just talking about them.

On a personal level, the meeting of these planets will be the perfect time to start something new or make some changes.

Every one of us wants more joy and abundance in our lives. This will be the perfect time to think about some ways that you can bring this energy into your life. Take the time to think about what fills you with joy and then make it a priority to integrate those things or experiences into your everyday routine.

This year is a year for manifestation and building. It seems like we are being called to embrace the new energy and start taking some action right now. The planets Jupiter and Mars will undoubtedly create some waves in the cosmos. Stay open and see what inspiration follows. You may also feel compelled to act or to develop an instinct which leads you to some new opportunities or even a new adventure.

It also seems that the Universe is giving all of us a lending hand so that we are going to take our dreams and begin building, as well as creating them into reality.

Source/Inspired: Forever Conscious

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