Pick Me, Pick Me: Score this Gig and Be Justin Timberlake’s Social Media Manager!

Pick Me, Pick Me: Score this Gig and Be Justin Timberlake’s Social Media Manager!

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The famous singer, Justin Timberlake, wants you to work for him, and it is not a lie! So, you should kiss your boring job and say bye, bye!

Well, at least for one day.

LinkedIn is teaming up with Live Nation in order to offer one fortunate person the job experience of a lifetime, working as the social media coordinator for the Man of the Woods Tour of Justin Timberlake for one day.

The winner is going to travel to Dallas on the 27th of May, in order to join the Live Nation social media team and help manage the entertainment company’s social media accounts during the concert of JT.

Despite spending the day in learning social media strategy from Live Nation, the winner will also get behind-the-scenes access to the tour, as well as a VIP seat for the show. In that way, you can post content on social media, as well as spread out to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” at the same time, just like the real multi-tasker that you are.

You will not get paid actual money, but you are going to get free VIP pass to the concert of JT, free hotel accommodations, as well as airfare, and seriously cool job experience to put on your resume.

Are you interested in this offer? Of course, you are. Keep reading the article and find out how you can score this gig.

How to become Justin Timberlake’s social media manager?

The applicants need to be at least 18 years old, a resident of U.S. and also to have a valid LinkedIn profile.

You are supposed to create a video in which you will explain why you deserve the gig and post it on LinkedIn. Add the tag #LinkedInTopCompaniesContest in the post copy and double-check your settings in order to make sure that the video is visible to the public.

Here is what the judges are going to be looking for in your video:

  • A creative approach;
  • The ability to inspire other people with storytelling;
  • How this opportunity is going to affect your professional journey;
  • You should show a strong interest in the entertainment industry, as well as social media.

For additional information and official rules, you can check out LinkedIn’s original post.

The deadline is the 13th of May at 11:59 p.m. PST, so you should jump on this opportunity quick. Justin is counting on you.

The lucky winner is going to be notified on the 18th of May via LinkedIn, so you should keep an eye on your InMail box.

If you do not score the job, you should do your best to not cry a river about it; there are numerous dream jobs out there waiting for you.




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