Learn to Opt Out and Lead a Life of Simplicity.

Learn to Opt Out and Lead a Life of Simplicity.

Lead A Life Of Simplicity

Let’s take a moment and be honest about the lives we lead. Are our lives ones of simplicity or complexity? Lives that gradually become controlled by all the things we think we need to do? By things we think we can’t live without when we actually can? In fact, we can opt out of these things! And we need to, because such things are the silent killers of our lives.

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”
∼ Steve Jobs

Such things complicate our lives in so many ways. They are always distracting us from the real things we need to focus our energy on. Let’s face it: such things drain our energy and our time. Probably also our money and our sanity.

And who’s to blame for that? Of course, we are, ourselves. We let such things overcome our lives without even noticing that we do have a choice, an option of not letting that happen.

This choice is to become more aware of what we choose to do. And we should choose to do less, need less, and consume less. Less is the new more. And simplicity is what our lives should have.

Surprisingly, this simplicity is very easy to achieve: we just opt out!

Here are some examples:

1. Social Media.

Most of us haven’t noticed, but social media take up a lot of space in our minds. Be honest and just think about how many times you check social media every day. Too many?

Truth be told, all that checking is the ultimate distraction. And for what benefit? Our online presence? We actually can reconsider the time we spend on social media. And we will be much better off spending less.

2. Advertising.

Advertising is distracting and intrusive, and it doesn’t have much simplicity. Block it. If we stop watching every kind of advertising and publicity, we will feel the change in our lives in the long run.

3. Email.

Well of course, we have to use email. But we don’t need to check it every five minutes. And we shouldn’t feel like we have to reply asap. Constant attention to email can be very distracting and harm other more important work we need to do.

We shouldn’t opt out of email, but we need to have a schedule. Tell others about it, and stick to it. This is how simplicity is born.

4. Online reading.

Online reading can be fascinating, and we can lose up to two hours just reading stuff. We all have been there. But it becomes a serious problem if two hours of online reading happens every day.

Just imagine what we could do and how much more efficient we could be with that time each day. That’s just one reason for us to consider opting out of online reading. Just try it. To live a life of simplicity, just block all those pages.

5. Shopping.

This can be confusing. Many people consider shopping as their escape. And honestly, we all get lured by the rush of a new wardrobe. And by the sea of endless choices. This, of course, wastes not just our money but our time.

It also wastes the time we spent earning the money we just wasted in shopping. So just try not buying anything for a month. We already have more things than we need.

6. Christmas gifts.

Christmas doesn’t always have to be about buying new things and giving gifts. And as hard as it may be for us to believe, this is not in fact simplicity but actually complexity. It’s complexity since we do things just because everyone else does them.

We are on the grid. We are not making choices for ourselves by ourselves. Surely there are ways to celebrate Christmas that are more appealing and closer to us.

7. School.

We are not saying that school is wrong; we are saying that we have a choice. Our children can learn both at school and at home. 

If we’re aware of the decisions we make, we’ll learn how to teach our children many important things they can’t learn at school. For instance, teach them about simplicity. And teach them about self-motivation and self-improvement.

8. Nine-to-five job.

There are a lot of people out there who love their jobs. They even enjoy working nine-to-five every day, five days a week. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone else must do so and feel the same way. We may not be among the lucky ones who feel that way. Indeed, we may not even want to work at all.

Why is that so bad? Because everyone else is working? Opt out of such a state of mind. And be brave. Maybe we’ll even start our own business. If we believe in our intuition, we may take over the power of the numerous possibilities out there.

9. Dairy, meat, and egg industries.

Eating animals because everyone else is doing it is not a good choice. But not eating them is what is weird for others, right? Just forget it. We are trying to bring some simplicity into our lives and into the food we are eating.

Try becoming vegan. Eating animals isn’t just cruel to the animals, but it’s also bad for the environment and our overall health.

10. Self-improvement.

Be more confident. In fact, if we just stop complicating and overthinking how we should be better, we can improve ourselves. Overthinking is a killer. We are already better than yesterday, and surely we’ll be better tomorrow! Just trust ourselves.

These are just some bits of advice for us to consider; they’re not a must-follow procedure. With them, however, we can gain simplicity. We need to work on them slowly but surely. And we need to consider them and many other things to find our path. Then we’ll learn the beauty of simplicity!

What’s next?

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  1. Great post on ways to simplify our lives! So many things in today’s world can easily take up hours of or day! Thanks for the share!

  2. Fantastic tips thank you so much.

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