Just Let Me Love You When It’s Easy and I Will Love You Harder When It’s Not.

Just Let Me Love You When It’s Easy and I Will Love You Harder When It’s Not.

let me love you

To Someone So Very Special

No, I am not blind. Neither I am naive or neglecting. I am aware of your flaws, and I don’t deny them. Maybe you’re not what I think you are and what people tell me. They point everything you do wrong, but none of this matters to me.

I know and accept that you are not perfect, cause neither am I. With time I get to know you more, and I see everything closer and clearer. There is beauty in that because it’s intriguing knowing there is more behind the surface.

Me, I enjoy getting to know you even better. I like exploring your soul and thoughts. I even enjoy the bad stuff. Just let me love you, and you will feel how even after all those bad stuff I still see the good things. I worship your past and the mistakes you have made back then because those made you who you are today. There is no need for you to feel ashamed or try to hide it.

So please, just let me love you even when you are at your worst. I will be right there for you, and I will hold you and offer comfort. I will be your guardian angel, who will watch over you.

I will never try to change or fix you because I just love the way you are.

When you reach out to me, I will love you. When you push me away, I will love you harder.

If you just let me love you when you are overwhelmed and stressed I would try to make it better. If you just let me be with you, you wouldn’t have to go through everything alone.

Even in the hardest, knowing that we are together is a great comfort. I would stick to that forever.

I worship your strength. I am your biggest fan. I am a believer that you can do anything, and I am so proud of you.

I promise never to judge or suspect your intentions, but always be there if you need someone to talk to.

I wouldn’t ever ask you to change anything because you are perfect just the way you are. Maybe you are not the best out there, but you are the best one for me. Just let me love you, the good you, the bad you, with all the great things and all the flaws.

When you are the light, I will love you.  When you are the darkness, I will love you harder.

I will love you when it’s easy and will love you harder when it’s not.


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  1. This is very touching and thoughtful and BEAUTIFUL!!!

    1. Sincere words directly from the depth of my heart. Now it is up to wait…Till the clock is ticking…tick…tack…

  2. I loved this poem because that is what love is about. Loving someone through their imperfections and accepting them without altering who they are. This was a great read!

  3. Thank you. This really touched my heart. Beautiful words. Deeply felt.

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