Life is not easy — a lesson you will never learn at school.

Life is not easy — a lesson you will never learn at school.

life is not easy

Life is not easy, and things almost never go according to the plan.

Very often after your 20s, you will find yourself confused and in denial of what your life turned out to be and what you thought it would. You will probably have your big plans and dreams about finishing college and finding a good job. Imagining yourself getting married and having kids. And living a “happily ever after” story. No. This is not how life works. This illusion is built up by the society and if you buy into it, you will for sure end up disappointed and lost.

Real life is unpredictable.

You will feel very deceived and betrayed. Frustrated and misled. You will love and you will lose. But all of these feelings and situations are natural, and they happen to everyone. Accept the fact that no matter how good your plan was, things don’t always work out as imagined and people go as people come.

You will for sure suffer and experience many conflicts with yourself, but you have to push harder and never give up. You need to stop regretting and stop wishing things turned out differently and start focusing and making your dreams come true.

The truth is that you will suffer so much, not because your plan didn’t work out, but because you have already made up a scenario in your head of how things would be and now all of that is gone.

The best way to move on and accept that life is not easy is to simply let go of all the expectations of the perfect life and the perfect future you desire. Stop focusing and wasting your energy on predicting life and start enjoying it. Just take your time and move slowly, dream big, but don’t be fooled by the fake scenarios in your head and always be optimistic. Believe that things have an absolute reason of why they happen and always hope for the better.

Start to see life as it is. BEAUTIFUL. An enjoyable experience. 

Forget your ego and focus on how beautiful life is. Enjoy it while you can.

Live right here and now at the moment. Stop worrying so much about the future and look around you. Take a moment to appreciate everything you have and be grateful for what you already have.

Don’t turn your back on love and don’t be afraid to give some parts of you to other people. Stop being scared and egoistic. Be thankful and hope for the better. Work for the better and don’t give up.

Believe that you are worthy of what you want to accomplish and take your time to do it. Have visions of your future that will strive you and motivate you through all the fights.

Don’t fight with yourself. Focus on your goals and don’t let disappointment shorten your view. Get back up, see the big picture and just move on. Eventually, you will find your way, and you will realize that some things happen for particular reasons that made all of this true. [Image credit: Artmanic]

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