The Lunar Nodes Changing Positions — Karma is here and this is a time of change.

The Lunar Nodes Changing Positions — Karma is here and this is a time of change.

Lunar Nodes

The first couple of weeks of this month were quite occupied with the New Moon in the sign of Scorpio, the shift of the planet Jupiter in Sagittarius, and also the Lunar Nodes which are going out of the signs of Aquarius and Leo and come into the signs of Capricorn and Cancer.

What are Lunar Nodes?

They are, in fact, mathematical spots located between the Moon and the Sun and which are also critical from an astrological perspective. They actually represent the lessons of karma, as well as how to rise above it, so that we can evolve.

In fact, two Lunar Nodes exist the South and the North. We look at the South one for some guidance about the lessons which we mastered in incarnations from previously, and we also look at the North one for the lessons or aims we need to work out in our lifetime.

They also dictate in which of the signs the Eclipses will happen, so, as they are settling in the new place, we should expect the following Eclipses to be in Capricorn or Cancer.

These points change the signs on every 18 month period, so this is a new period which will be felt by everyone.

Cancer, being in the North Lunar Node and Capricorn being in the South Lunar Node, is an indication that people will master all the lessons given by the sign of Cancer and will also evolve with the help of the lessons of Capricorn which they mastered in their past.

Although we would like to create some balance between Capricorn and Cancer, it looks like we are also asked to develop with focusing on the Cancer’s qualities and energy, and utilizing them to count on that which we already knew.

The energy of Cancer is all about nurturing, mothering, and it is connected to feelings too. It is feminine energy which encourages people to think hard about family and home life. We can simply say that this energy is a representation of a mother.

However, the energy of Capricorn is ambitious, and it is focused on hard-working in order to achieve some purposes. We can simply say that this energy is the representation of a father, and it encourages you to think about career and success.

Having these Lunar Nodes in these signs is an indication that people are also motivated to balance their emotional and nurturing side, together with their hard-working and ambitious side.

Although the energy of Capricorn is more about hard-working and taking small steps ahead, the energy of Cancer is better focused on the use of intuition.

Generally, the following 18 months, every one of us may notice companies starting to move in the structure and letting go of hierarchy.

Also, we can challenge our beliefs about hard-working or think that life has to be difficult, and also question some traditional beliefs when it comes to constitutes of a successful and beautiful life.

Whereas a lot of people that have enough luck in life for living their dreams exist, most of them discover that it was not a good enough recipe for living. Working all day long, reaching the top, as well as seeking materialistic goods and prestige are indications of a good and successful life, but they are now to be reviewed.

It is significant to note that the belief and the way in which we lived, served a good purpose for a longer period, but now it is the time to balance the karma and relieve of this kind of living.

We need to write down the rules once again about the meaning of success, and we need to spend some more time with our family in doing passionate things, in order to provide security.

With this Lunar Nodes in the signs of Capricorn and Cancer, this will be the focus of our own, and during the following 18 months, we will probably see some changes in the way people are approaching home, family and career lives.

These Nodes will also change how we see ourselves and motivate us to be in contact with intuition and emotions. We will be motivated to realize that our health and our well-being are not only a physical condition but also a spiritual state.

Ultimately, this shift into Capricorn and Cancer will help us in changing our beliefs that we have to work harder, to be someone or even be recognized. Also, we should find value in the person we are.

To raise this nurturing and softer energy of the sign of Cancer, we have to be witnesses of the hard-working and disciplined energy of Capricorn coming on the surface. We need to be conscious of the group karma before making any changes.

During this period, souls choose to come on earth for the same purpose. As it contains our group karma, it depends on us whether we would rewrite the vibrations in order to create some balance and harmony.

For a long time, we were told that we should follow our traditions, rules, as well as do some things in the best way. Everything has its own place, but the wave of energy from the sign of Cancer asks us to remove such beliefs and make some space for a different way of understanding and thinking.

Instead of continuing ahead, the Lunar Nodes would like to make us think for other people, as well as about the effects which the actions we take, have on them. Instead of wanting to reach the top, we should relax, trust intuition more, and work together.

The Lunar Nodes’ movement through these two signs will also help us in minimize the effects of patriarchy, as well as tune into the nurturing and softer sides of ourselves. Also, we will be mentored to think what really matters, about our family or focus on creative and sensitive parts of the soul.

With doing that, we can be one step further and clear the collective karma to raise vibrations of Earth, as well as awareness of our souls.

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