The Magical New Moon on August 30th Represents New Beginnings.

The Magical New Moon on August 30th Represents New Beginnings.

new beginnings

August 30th is the day when the new moon will rise, and along with it, new beginnings will arrive. Some of you will feel excited by this opportunity and some of you will feel scared because you don’t want things to be changed.

But why? Why do we choose to stay stagnant and never enjoy new challenges and new things? Are we afraid of the unknown?

Change is interesting. For some people it is like a drug — they become addicted to change. For others, it’s terrifying. Life happens quickly — we only have minutes to decide if we are going to accept the challenges and the new beginnings or carry on as we were.

We like to be pushed towards a choice or an accomplishment. We joke about others who are more creative than us but deep down we all want to be such person. And maybe, just maybe this new moon in August can help us achieve the things we thought are impossible.

But are those the expectations we set for ourselves?

We are overwhelmed with fear of the unknown.

…so we use that as an excuse to push out every opportunity life has given to us.

Why don’t we accept the challenges and never miss on an opportunity? Seize everything that comes along the way.

We need to stop being our own enemies by preventing ourselves from accepting new challenges and new beginnings just because we hold fear in ourselves. We need to get over the old wounds, heal ourselves and stop being paralyzed when it comes to taking actions.

We should always remind ourselves of the fact that who we are now has a lot to do with what we have experienced in the past and how that affected us.

When the this new moon arises we can choose to stay just as we were and let ourselves still be guided by the past or we can accept new beginnings and let courage lead our minds.

We need to find whatever is holding us back, fight it and then take a firm step towards the new things we were longing for since forever.

If you are ready, this new moon is your opportunity to seize and your chance to move on towards new beginnings. Don’t let the illusion of fear stop you and go through it firmly. You can do it.

This is the moment you have been waiting for so long — the moment when you start being whatever it is that you always thought you should be. It is your now or never moment. Grasp the new beginnings and enjoy the ride to your destination.


Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by SDS)/By Darkfoxelixir

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