March 24th New Moon – What to Expect From It

March 24th New Moon – What to Expect From It

new moon in aries

Although a new moon is unnoticeable in the sky, it marks the start of a new lunar cycle. It also signals the start of a new individual cycle as it tends to deeply impact your mind and body. So, what can you expect from the March 24th  New Moon?

Read on to find out!

March 24th New Moon

From an astronomical viewpoint, the New Moon signifies the culmination of one lunar cycle and the beginning of a new 28-day cycle. It marks the first stage of the lunar cycle, when the sun and the moon are at the equivalent celestial longitude.

The New Moon on 24th March 2020 marks the beginning of the Aries Moon Cycle. The new moon falling in Aries is a grand time to commit to personal goals that represent the robust energy of the Ram. It’s the ideal time to take some action in your life; try some creative and innovative things.

You will be able to try things with renewed confidence and gusto. During this new moon period, you will find your assertive voice; however, make sure to not lean into your abrasive or egotistical tendencies.

Here’s how the new moon will impact your life:

Your Relationship with Yourself

This is a strong lunar cycle to reexamine your relationship with yourself. You can use the potent energy of the Aries sign to make some significant changes in your life. So, make some actionable plans and start working on them from the get-go.

Fresh Start

Moreover, since Aries is the first zodiac sign, the new moon in Aries brings with it manifold opportunities for new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s best to consider acting on your constructive impulses and take risks based on your gut. Just like Aries, you will learn through your experiences, so start making new ones.

Expression of Your True Self and Happiness

During this new moon, you will be inclined to express yourself in an authentic manner – devoid of any pretensions. You will also learn to rely more on yourself and learn to be happy with who you are. It will help you find true happiness within yourself. 

Some Light Obstacles

This New Moon goes through a phase when it forms a square to the Nodes of the Moon. This suggests that there might be some obstacles you will have to deal with to attain your new beginnings. It might lead you to feel blocked. However, it’s important to not get frustrated during this time and stay on course. It will likely affect the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, and Libra, and Capricorn) the most.

Pro Tip: Even though this new moon is the ideal time to take new steps, don’t rush yourself if you are not comfortable doing something. Simply decide whatever you want to do and stick to your own pace.

Body Parts Likely to be Influenced by the Aries Moon Sign

Here are some body parts that will be more sensitive during the new moon phase:

  • Teeth
  • Head
  • Tongue
  • Penis
  • Striated muscles
  • Gall bladder
  • Blood
  • Arteries

So, make sure to take extra care of your body during this time. Moreover, don’t opt for any surgical operations during the New Moon as they might cause harm to your body.

Make sure to capitalize on the strong beginnings during the March 24th  New Moon and change your life for the better!


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