Meeting Deadlines Is Crucial: Learn How!

Meeting Deadlines Is Crucial: Learn How!

Meeting Deadlines is Crucial. Learn Why!

Imagine that we’re only days away from our dream holiday, but we’re overwhelmed with meeting deadlines. This sad situation has happened to many of us. Indeed, many have failed at meeting deadlines and also have had to postpone our cruise, island visit, etc., meaning our situation was twice as bad!

1. What if we could get super powers and get it all done even when that seems impossible?

Usually, our crew here spends two hours talking with our morning coffee, and we’re barely getting started after the third hour. That’s totally unproductive. Yes, just brainstorming doesn’t get those loads of unfinished work done. But we found the secret recipe eventually, and now we are meeting deadlines like champs!

How do we meet our deadlines? Here’s how. We make a commitment to the team that we will respect all deadlines that every member sets. All members think up their own hilarious, outlandish punishment for their individual failure, so that everyone practically can’t wait to see the others fail. For example, I made a deadline to publish my article by 3 p.m. Tuesday. If I failed, Monica would get to punch me in the face. Can you just imagine the devilish expression I had telling everyone that?

I pretended that she would actually carry out my punishment, so I became super productive and published everything on time.

Usually, that’s our silly way, we’re making jokes, and we’re meeting deadlines. But seriously, there are some real steps for creating effective deadlines for ourselves.

2. What are the steps for meeting deadlines?

First, don’t forget the external motivation. For example, in four days we will be traveling away from the area, and while we’re on the go, we won’t have the best internet connection to finish what we still have to do.

Second, and maybe the most important step when it comes to meeting deadlines and our own goals, let our motivation make us confident, efficient, and super-productive. What’s the ultimate purpose of the project we’re working on? Get sold on it; let our hearts accept it! That way, we’ll see the higher importance, and we’ll hustle to meet deadlines with hunger!

Third, focus! Concentrate on our motivation, internal and external, and set ourselves up for success. When exactly will we work? Set up a block of time, and avoid any distractions then. When we feel like we’re losing focus, just remember our motivation.

3. Sounds like a piece of cake, doesn’t it?

While there is simplicity in switching our mindset into hyper-production and following these three steps, we still need to know the main two reasons why this works.

The first reason: Without even realizing it, we’re eliminating our fear. Many times we’ve had to abandon a project or something we wanted to do because we couldn’t face the fear of failing, right? But if we set a deadline for it and fully commit to it, then our fear will lose out to our determination. Our determination will take us where we want to be.

The second reason: It’s all about choices! Daily we face dozens of choices. Are we going to check email first, check what’s new in our social media networks, or read a favorite blog? And on and on the choices go. But all these “choices” are really just excuses so we can operate in our “stealth mode.” Don’t make those unhealthy choices; make a decision to meet the deadlines we’ve set. After we’ve met the first one, we’ll feel a boost inside us!

Also, let’s do ourselves a favor and set deadlines with strong motivators like “I’ll lose $10,000 if I don’t do this and that.”  That will remove the choices that distract us from our best choice. We’ll find ourselves thinking about only the thing we really need to do.

4. Final thoughts.

Don’t forget: set important deadlines to remove the distractions when facing important tasks.

We hope that these methods for meeting deadlines will help a lot. Of course, we don’t need to set deadlines all the time, but if we find that it works in both the long- and short-term, let’s go for it!

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  1. I think maintaining concentration is key. The internet is so distracting nowadays — especially Facebook! (Ironically that’s how I discovered this blog, fantastic btw!)

    Pomodoro is a technique which might be helpful. Basically you break down the task into 30 minute chunks and then take a break. The only goal is to get to the end of the chunk.

    1. Thanks, Simon. Great feedback!

  2. Great post! I like the first cause Fear: we have to put that fear behind us and gain the motivation to achieve our goals we have set. Plus having deadlines and a plan on how to achieve these goals is also another crucial step to our success in completing any goals we have set. Great post!! Thank you!

    1. It’s always difficult to struggle with fears. But we have to eliminate them and move forward. My advice: Stay for a minute with it. Acknowledge yourself that you are okay with that feeling even if you don’t know when you will see the finish for the task.

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