Mercury (the Messenger of the Gods) goes Retrograde today — the Past Lives Will Come into Play.

Mercury (the Messenger of the Gods) goes Retrograde today — the Past Lives Will Come into Play.


Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, is going retrograde from the November 17th until December 6th.

Every time when the Messenger Mercury is retrograde, he is traveling into the underworld, as well as into the depths of our psyche, in order to gather some old secrets, clues, and information which we need to go back and look through one more time.

During his travels, the Messenger has the responsibility of collecting past messages which maybe got lost by the wayside. Mercury is doing this in order to bring them to our attention once and for all.

There are a lot of people who live fast-paced lives and are always on the go, which actually makes it hard always to hear, as well as receive the messages coming from the Universe and higher dimensions.

During the retrograde of this planet, things will slow down, and we will be given a chance to look back over some things which we may have missed. Some things from our past may come to our attention, and we will probably receive more insights or information in order to help piece together events in our lives.

While the planet Mercury is traveling through the underworld, one important thing for people is to practice patience, as well as to wait to see the messages which Mercury carries for us.

At the time when we are under the influence of this energy, our subconscious mind will also become more active, as we will have the ability to become aware of thought patterns or blockages which we may not have noticed before. This will make it the right time to meditate, as well as delve into the deeper parts of our soul.

As there will also be so many other planets in retrograde during that period, it may be a challenge to define exactly what messages will Mercury try to deliver to us. In fact, we may not really have the ability to understand them until this planet starts moving direct again, by early December. So during this period, we may also feel a little scattered.

Some painful insights or truths may also rise to the surface, and this is going to be something which we may have to sit with for a while until we figure out how best to deal with things.

Seeing how the planet Mercury is going retrograde, it is likely that no matter what comes up for us will be something which we need to stand our ground with. This energy wants us to find our independence and hold true to our power.

However, instead of using this energy for competing or getting combative with other people, it will guide us to learn the power of patience. Sometimes, some problems have a way of working out on their own, without our constant interference. As a Zen philosopher, the famous Lao Tzu said:

Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?

Whatever mud is stirred to the top under the retrogrades and Eclipses, there is actually a power in learning how we can find our inner peace through it all, as well as how to remain in the same position while the chaos happens around us.

Probably, once when the dust settles, we are going to know the right way forward, we only have to be patient and trust that sometimes things need to find their way of working out if we leave them alone.

The retrograde of the planet Mercury is probably going to be a chaotic period in the Universe. However, this will only be because of the fact that we can awaken, as well as gain some new insights.

While it may not be the right time to rush ahead, it will probably be the perfect time to slow down, go within, as well as tune into the quieter, softer, more intuitive voice of the heart.

You should be patient with the energy that unfolds and trust that there is going to be smoother sailing ahead. Things are going to be easier to understand, and we will have the ability to look back on this time of our lives with newfound clarity.

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