The Last Mercury Retrograde 2017 — Here’s How To Survive The Shadow Period (For Each Zodiac Sign).

The Last Mercury Retrograde 2017 — Here’s How To Survive The Shadow Period (For Each Zodiac Sign).

Mercury Retrograde

Prepare yourselves, because the planet Mercury is officially retrograde. From the 3rd of December to the 22nd of December, the planet Mercury is here to make trouble during the season of holidays. This happening is at the same time as 2017’s only supermoon. You can expect a significant shift in energy, as well as cosmic vibes.

But, what does this mean to you individually?

There are some ways to survive Mercury retrograde, based on your zodiac sign. You may find them necessary to get through this month unscathed.

Generally, Mercury retrograde means a lot of mishaps, as well as communication issues, electronic hiccups and added travel stress.

The fact that it is happening during the Gemini-centric full moon means that it is also a great period to reflect on your past and tie up loose ends. It is going to be a complicated period. It will be full of misunderstandings, and you may find yourself feeling a bit off. Some of the zodiac signs will feel the effects a bit worse, while others not so much.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Aries.

When the planet Mercury is retrograde, communication for you will get totally out of whack. This may make things uncomfortable because this sign usually is super-to-the-point when it comes to talking to other people. Aries like conversations to be direct, as well as quick and Mercury retrograde may make that impossible. It may feel frustrating, but try to listen to other people and communicate more thoroughly instead of getting angry at them.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Taurus

The planet Mercury rules communication and financial issues for you, and that can make things tricky for the season of holidays. While the planet is retrograde, you may not want to make any significant financial or romantic decisions. Focus on letting go of your past. This will be an ideal period to reflect on the last year and get ready for the one that is coming.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Gemini

For Gemini, things will get tricky. Mercury retrograde is happening during the period of Gemini supermoon. All of the communication problems will be a little more intense. To get through this, be extra careful when talking to anyone, especially a romantic partner or someone with whom you are close. Misunderstandings may be more likely as well. Talk things through, and be as detailed as possible. Avoid jumping to conclusions and just give yourself some time to work through whatever is coming up.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Cancer

Things are going to be extra tricky when it comes to work and daily routines. According to Café Astrology:

your intuition usually serves you very well, but it may not be up to par for the time being.

Be very careful about anything that you do when it comes to working. Look at everything that you do twice to avoid mishaps. Do not consider starting any big new projects until the retrograde of the planet Mercury is over. Don’t waste too much energy on starting something new.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Leo

Mercury retrograde may affect the financial aspects of your life. It may not be the time to invest in something big or make any life-changing financial decisions. This may seem hard during the season of holidays when you are buying gifts. Think it through before you make any financial decisions. Be careful with your partner and the other people you love. Avoid unnecessary arguments by being as transparent as possible when talking and avoiding judgment.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Virgo

Virgo is one of the signs that is most affected by this particular Mercury retrograde. You will find it even more difficult than usual to be patient. Arguments may spring you up more often. Try to avoid making some spontaneous decisions and be clear when you communicate with other people. According to Café Astrology:

the career matters are ruled by Gemini for you.

so avoid any big projects and added stress.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Libra

The Mercury retrograde happening right now may have you feeling extra forgetful. It may also bring up some annoying issues from your past. If you don’t need to travel — don’t. Stay at home for the season of holidays. Plan in more time for anything scheduled throughout the day just in case you forget about something that you need to get done.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Scorpio

Definitely, you will find your financial situation to be a little trickier than it has usually been, thanks to the Mercury retrograde. Instead of making new decisions, try to re-budgeting. Use this time for going over your finances, then look at your spending and rework things to your advantage. This is not the time to make big financial decisions. But it will be an excellent time to reflect on what you have been doing with your money and how you can improve.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Sagittarius

According to Dark Pixie Astrology:

the retrograde will start at 29 degrees Sagittarius, so those that are born in this sign after the 18th of December can feel the start of this retrograde most.

According to Café Astrology, your body language may also be misinterpreted more during the last month of this year. You may give off a lot of mixed signals to other people. So, this will be a good time for you to reflect on how other people perceive you. Don’t rush into any decisions, and spend some more time in trying to be as clear as possible when you communicate.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Capricorn

The Mercury retrograde happening in this month will have some seriously intense side effects for Capricorns. According to Dark Pixie Astrology, you may find yourself struggling more than you usually do. You may also face some legal and financial troubles more difficulty. Put off any critical decisions, especially those that concern money. Be very careful about your private life – avoid getting into deep conversations if there are things you do not want to reveal to other people.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Aquarius

For you, Mercury retrograde is going to make communication difficult, especially with your friends. Be very careful when it comes to talking to your friends and making plans, especially if you have a large group of friends. You may even find some old friends reappearing, and that is fine. But avoid making any life-changing decisions regarding them.

Mercury Retrograde 2017: Pisces

During this season of holidays, communication is going to be tricky for you. Be very careful when you speak to anyone, whether it is a romantic partner, a friend, a co-worker or a stranger. There may be some misunderstandings. That is fine, but only let yourself think and do not make any final decisions just yet.

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