Mercury Retrograde in Spring Equinox — Synchronicities and Soul Connections Keep their Upbeat.

Mercury Retrograde in Spring Equinox — Synchronicities and Soul Connections Keep their Upbeat.

Mercury Retrograde

For those that may not know, several planets are now going retrograde, while we have also mentioned others we have not quite gone over Mercury. The planet Mercury will be in retrograde from the 5th of March until the end of March (March 28), and it is bringing us some interesting energies.

The planet Mercury is retrograding, and this will push us to get things done. It will make us more likely to venture out of the comfort zones, and we are going to be quite ‘business’ oriented in the things that we will do. With saying that, not all of these energies are going to be related to some things of the sort, some of them are going to have us wondering whether or not we are looking at lust or love in our relationships.

1. Soul connections.

This will be a great period for making new friends, as well as balancing out our relationships in the physical world. You will be catching up with some old friends, as well as moving onto some bigger and better things in life. Such energies are going to be full blast until about the 15th of March when things start to die down a bit, but if you use them to your advantage, you are going to notice a great change in your world. Soul connections are going to be making themselves known. You are going to figure out who really belongs in your life during this period one way or another.

–    Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free:

The Universe does not give you what you ask for with your thoughts — it will give you what you demand with your actions.

2. Synchronicities.

We feel like during the times that Mercury goes retrograde we are going to experience more synchronicities than we usually do so if you are on your correct life path expect that too. For us, the repeating numbers that we see most often are 11:11, but for you, they could also come in a variety.

If you are involved in anything that is serious or conflicting unanswered questions may also soon become answered. The retrograde of the planet Mercury has a way of resolving conflicts quite well and with minimal damage.

With the things slowing down and yet speeding up at the same time, these energies are bound to conflict one another in some level, but it should not be anything too intense. You should really meditate on your life, as well as think things through before you take some action. We are now in the pre-shadow phase, and so these energies are going to start making themselves known over the course of the following few days.

You should not be alarmed, nothing bad will come from this retrograde. As we have already said, the Universe never brings us to something that we cannot handle. Everything will work out in the end. There is nothing to be afraid of, as this is going to all prove to be useful in the long run.


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