Mercury Is Going Retrograde On Halloween And It’s The Scariest Thing Happening This Season!

Mercury Is Going Retrograde On Halloween And It’s The Scariest Thing Happening This Season!


The cosmos is leaving us with a spooky gift this Halloween called Mercury retrograde. As if the dread of the Mercury retrograde itself wasn’t enough, it begins on – you guessed it – October 31.

Even though it may not end up as bad as you think, the fright behind it is more than real.

This time, Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius, remaining there until November 20. This time, Mercury retrograde will test your intimacy levels, relationships, and life in general. You’ll be trying to find the truth in everything, even though you may not always be ready to hear it.

Here’s what Pandora Astrology said about this Mercury retrograde.

This period, you may be tempted to seek the truth to the point of obsession. But remember, “the truth can set you free,” so when you reveal information and secrets that were hidden before, you can start seeing everything more clearly. Even if your relationship comes to an end this period, see it as the freedom to choose something better. Although this may not sound too good for you right now, it’s probably the best chance you’ll have in a long time to get out of a toxic relationship. You may not realize this now, but you will realize years later.

This period is the perfect time to talk with your business or life partner about shared finances. Sit down and talk honestly about the way both of you use money and try to organize and plan your budget better, so that money doesn’t stand between you and your partner. It’s time to gather courage and confess any financial secret, because if you don’t, Mercury retrograde will do that for you, and it will do it in the worst possible way.

It’s ok to be vulnerable this period, but don’t forget to maintain your position despite difficulties. Stay strong and remember who you are. Even though the Mercury retrograde may turn out to be a positive thing for many people, it can also ruin this Halloween for many others. You may feel confused and more freaked out this holiday than usual.

These periods tend to have the worst timing, but they help you grow into a better person. It’s a unique experience that helps you become a better version of yourself. Try to listen more and speak less while Mercury is in retrograde this Halloween. Remember this when you are around your closest ones. You may even strengthen your relationship with some people.

Halloween is energetic and magical on its own, but the Mercury retrograde will make it even more intense. Don’t let anyone force you into doing or agreeing on something that you don’t want to. Remember who you are and let the Mercury retrograde energies do whatever they planned for you.


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