Native Americans Uncover 18 Rules of Life To Live By That Will Liberate Your Soul. #9 Is The Most Important!

Native Americans Uncover 18 Rules of Life To Live By That Will Liberate Your Soul. #9 Is The Most Important!


We can learn a lot of things from those who have come before us, and this is perhaps nowhere more real than understanding the Native American wisdom.

They have far more centuries of experience in North America than the rest of the world when it comes to living sustainably in it. In today’s article, we are going to present you the 18 rules of life which you should take into consideration, as they may speak to your soul and make you live a better, as well as more fulfilling life.

So, here they are:

1. Sharing a good fortune makes us better.

Charity is not something which enriches only those people which we help, but it also helps us, in a way of feeding our souls. By helping other people, we help ourselves as well.

2. Religion can be a plurality.

What everyone actually knows to be true is different, depending on the perspective from which we see the world. Our truths may not be the same as the ones of other people, so we need to accept that the world has multiple religions, just because of this particular reason. There is also no need to force the beliefs that we have on other people around us.

3. Be yourself.

If a person cannot be true to who he/she actually is, he/she can also not be true to anyone else. So, first of all, you should be yourself.

4. Reach deep into yourself.

Only your soul knows what the best thing for yourself actually is. You also need to seek what is at the center of your soul, in order to know the right path for you. You should also listen and trust your intuition.

5. Give other people around you some space.

We are maybe entitled to nothing, so that includes whatever we want from others around us. If the people surrounding us want some space, we should accept that request gracefully.

6. You should offer peace rather than pain.

Forcing pain on people by taking something that we offered them, will not work well for sure. First of all, you should be a peacemaker.

7. Respect the nature and the planet Earth.

Our planet and nature have been there before us, and they will also remain long after. We should care, as well as respect our planet Earth accordingly, and we should also learn a lot of lessons that the Universe can teach us.

8. Take care for children.

Our children are our future, so it will be our responsibility to pass on whatever we know.

9. Accept mistakes.

No one can be perfect. Instead, a person can choose always to learn from the mistakes he/she makes.

10. Refuse negativity.

Some of the results when you are being negative are stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as some other physical illnesses. You should let that all go.

11. Seek to understand other people.

This means that you should listen to the opinions of other people, ask them questions and learn how to truly hear them. Similarly, it means that we need to accept those people for who they actually are.

12. Let go of gossip.

This is more negativity as well and it is also not helpful in understanding other people around you.

Prayer can be a great way for getting in touch with your soul regardless of your beliefs that is actually never a bad thing.

13. Embrace diversity and tolerance.

Just because you cannot understand someone, it does not mean that you should consider their belief less worthy. You should practice tolerance, and in that way, you will continue growing.

14. Take charge.

You should not let other people run your life, but you should hear what your soul and heart says and suggests and follow it for sure.

You should treat your guests well, so later on, your hospitality and kindness may be rewarded.

15. Practice contentment.

This means accepting what is yours and not trying to take what is not. Instead, you should be happy with what you have and who you are.

16. Embrace balance.

The parts of our lives which are best when a balance is maintained are work and home, personal and professional, as well as body and mind.

17. Care for truth.

Truth is what is actually important in our lives. Lies do not do any favors to us.

18. Respect your past.

This means that you should respect your family, as well as all those people who lived before you, as their experience can teach you a lot of things about life, Earth, as well as loving the land on which we live today.

Inspired by: Ewao

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