Tonight’s New Moon in Libra — Get Ready For An Unexpected Change!

Tonight’s New Moon in Libra — Get Ready For An Unexpected Change!

new moon in Libra

The full moon was a doozy. We had the fiery sign of Aries housing an emotional full moon. A lot of people may have felt that they have reached a personal boiling point. But, the new moon this month is in Libra, and we will all have a chance on October the 19 to make some adjustments on our list of personal prerequisites. You can apply those prerequisites in any way you want to.

We consider new moons about goals. Whether you want to upgrade from a partner with a car to one that has a personal jet or from a boyfriend that has an air mattress to one that has an actual bed, your goals will be yours to set. You can reach for the stars or the curb of the sidewalk as well. Life is full of choice, so choose whatever you want. The theme this new moon has is the one of partnership and collaboration in all possible forms.

Social and love life:

Libra is a sign which is ruled by the planet Venus. Regardless of your Zodiac sign, this new moon will infuse your life with lots of creativity, specifically in your relationship. The problems that came up during the full moon in Aries now will have a great chance to really settle down. You will come up with creative ways to solve problems, or to even settle into a new arrangement which will please both the parties.

Venus is a planet with social graces, compassion, as well as pleasant feelings among the people. It also suggests ease for communication and good vibes. So, if the full moon has made you feel like you burned your social life to the ground, this new moon will give you the chance to replace the trash that you surrounded yourself with. All with a new support system and to get it right this time.

If you went through a breakup up during the full moon, you will start meeting new people around the new moon. This may actually brighten your outlook about your newfound freedom. You should remember that just because a relationship didn’t work out long-term doesn’t make it a failure.

New moons always give us a chance to integrate the lessons we have learned previously at the full moon. To use them in order to inform our choices in the future.

Work life:

Have you left your job during the full moon? Well, we have some good news for you: the new moon in Libra will offer you opportunities in order to create a better position for yourself now. If you worked freelance and lost certain clients who brought in more headaches then income, this new moon in Libra will offer you an opportunity to get out there and circulate to find a clientele which will be as profitable as they are easy to work with them.

If you have your own business or work within a company, this new moon in Libra will bring you a chance to create working partnerships. Or relationships with management that will benefit not only your reputation at work but also your ability to make more money than usual. Also, if you want a raise, this new moon in Libra will be the time to ask for one.

Home life:

This is particularly for Gemini and Gemini rising. If the full moon really screwed with your home life, the new moon will give you a great chance to fix what is broken. There is a possibility to get into an argument with a member of your family. Or you had a sudden change come up in your living arrangement which caused you more than just an inconvenience. It could also have been an emotional upset. Now, it is time to start cleaning up the mess that created and the good news is that you will not have any problems in doing so.

Full moons often tend to sweep away the status quo, or the aspects of it which are no longer working for us. While you may have been comfortable with the living arrangement in which you were, you will start seeing how wrong it actually was for you. You’ll see all this during the period of the new moon.

No matter which is your Zodiac sign, this new moon in Libra will create a chance to clean up and take care of the changes that the full moon called for. Beginning in the sign of Libra, you will easily make these changes. Now, you will have the opportunity to really create the balance and stability that were lacking in your life before. [Inspired by Elite Daily]

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