The New Year Will Bring Lots of Energy Shifts, so Get Ready!

The New Year Will Bring Lots of Energy Shifts, so Get Ready!

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This year comes to its end really fast. Every one of us can probably feel the speed with which it ends, and also the energies which are aimed for the year that is about to come. Our Universe also changes, because the planets come and go from one place to another so that we will feel that tension in life.

Everything is okay. All we need to do is push ourselves and also let our wings take the flight. In fact, there is an excellent journey lying in front of us, and stress is also expected. All that matters is being strong enough and don’t let that stress conquer us.

This will be a learning time.

We will have the ability to disconnect from our stream of beliefs and thoughts and then find our individuality inside us. However, everything is going to occur fast, and we will have to get ready for it.

Moreover, there is going to be a phase of knowledge and learning, which is going to appear in our life. Even though many of us may not be ready for that phase which will appear all of a sudden, we need to keep our mind open to these new things which will come on our way. So, we will step in a year which is full of new energies and planetary alignments – many of us already feel that, and they also prepare themselves for that.

Be in the present.

According to some observers, there are going to be huge changes in the new year. The new year is very close, so the energies are going to be in turmoil while they come near this planetary alignment. They will transform our lives radically.

There were also some smaller energy shifts that occurred in this year, and which will occur in the new one too – they are going to prepare us for one major alignment happening in 2020. The continuous interaction with smaller energy forces is going to tire us, so most of the people will sleep early.

Luckily, with the beginning of the new year, we are going to have the chance to heal – it is going to be the time which is going to bring us in the best possible mood, so we can take everything 2020 will throw on us. It is going to bring life to us and put it before us. What will we do? We are not supposed to sit there on the side and watch how our life goes on – but we should jump in it and continue the ride as we want. We should not think that our expectations are going to break, but we have to work on ourselves and our life too. We may still do something excellent.

Connecting with ourselves.

In this current month, and the next that will come, there is special advice for us – we should connect with ourselves. Then, we are going to feel attracted to nature, and we will spend time observing solitude and meditating. Our heart calls, we are healing, so we should let that happen.

The changes in energies can also confuse us. That is going to be a lot for that short period – and, we will not give up so easily. We should trust our intuition, as it directly speaks for our soul, as well as it is also better connected with those energies around us. We should let those energies sweep us off our feet.

Everything is going to make sense. In the new year, our ego will fade away. We should begin questioning and challenging our consciousness, and also set our intentions. This year will bring us many new and different things – it will be the best period of staying prepared, keeping our mind open, and accepting everything that it is going to bring us.

Our life calls us, so does our heart too. We have to be in the now and take our lives just like they come. During this time, we need to be better focused and also conscious of what we really want, and than apply ourselves to it. We should not resist the changes in energies, but we should let them come and infuse them. The changes of energies can be troubling – however, the one from now will be easy, simply if you know how to handle it.

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