Welcome to November — the month of Soulmates where everything seems to be coming together.

Welcome to November — the month of Soulmates where everything seems to be coming together.

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Welcome to the month of soulmates — November.

There is no such thing such as coincidence. Especially when it comes to love. The astrological sun sign during the month of November is in Scorpio. Scorpio is actually the sign of soul mates. But, this is not about astrology — it is about synchronicity.

And what is synchronicity? It is actually the belief that our Universe works to provide us with signs that we are on the right path. Or maybe, that we need to change the direction.

Since the Universe does not have the ability to speak to us directly, it is up to us to be aware of the signs that are around us. Signs can come as meetings, articles or quotes that seem timely. Or a number of sequences or initials.

Very often, our Universe tries to communicate with us by number sequences on clocks. Or even on license plates.

The sequences can actually come in different forms. Seeing repetitive numbers is literally the Universe setting off your internal alarm on high alert. It’s a one big wake up call. But, there is actually more to it.

The sequence has a deep connection with soul mates and twin flames.

When we see a sequence, it means that our Universe is urging us to pay attention to our feelings and thoughts. Meaning to let go of thinking with our logical mind. And follow our hearts and intuition instead. It is making the choice to feel our way through our questions, rather than think about it through the answers.

When we grow in love, there is really no way to use logic. Love is not a quantitative thing. There are no rules to abide by or quizzes to take on the matter.

Love is the world’s greatest mystery. While there is no person that can actually see it, most of the people believe in it. The paradox of love is that while it can be the greatest gift ever, it can also be the most arduous journey as well. Even though every one of us uses the word “love” to express our feelings, it is actually different for every one of us.

This month, the Universe will come together in order to give us the ultimate cosmic wake-up call.

But this time, it will be a direct line to our hearts.

All year long, our Universe has been working behind the scenes. Activating people through events and cosmic happenings, so that they can be challenged to live and love as authentically as they can.

This year has been a year of trial and error. A year of looking at everything that did not work.

Love is not blind — love sees everything and still chooses it anyway.

There is no love story that is great because it is easy.

In affairs of the heart, it is actually easy to use logic in place of intuition. Some people may suggest that there has been nothing special about the astrological forces happening this year. November is not just another month.

Additionally, there is something deeper calling us. Telling us that maybe there is still something more at play than we can actually see. It tells us that possibly there is a whole world of occurrences and meanings which exist outside of the limitations of what the human mind can comprehend.

Because sometimes we become afraid of something that we do not really understand. What perplexes us is not our inability to understand. It is actually our failure to explain which often causes the greatest distress.

Love is not a subject which can be mastered by everyone.

We are meant to learn some aspects of life, and eventually control them. Yet love remains the ultimate enigma.

There is no a particular reason why certain souls call to one another. There is no explanation about the desire or connection which exists between those individuals.

In November, we have been welcomed into the nest of synchronicity.

Everything seems like coming together — possibly, not perfectively. In a way, it was always meant to come.

Our Universe guides us to embrace all the aspects of our lives. Also our hearts, which we have battled previously. Every one of us has been given the gift of clarity.

Every one of us has been able to see ourselves for who we really are, as well as the lives that we really want to live. It is not about running away or making some excuses. It is about taking the time to sit with ourselves and listen. We should listen to our heads, as well as our hearts. But most importantly, we should listen to our souls.

November is for sure the month of soul mates, and whether or not we have found our soul mate, we should not ignore the signs that our Universe has been sending to us this time.

But, we will have to decide whether we are going to act upon them or not. Because in the end, no matter how good the love story will be, it always depends on the choice we made. [Image Credit/Inspired by Elephant Journal]

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