Welcome To November’s New Moon Cycle — Here Are 10 Powerful Tips For Using The New Moon To Manifest Fortune & Favor.

Welcome To November’s New Moon Cycle — Here Are 10 Powerful Tips For Using The New Moon To Manifest Fortune & Favor.

new moon cycle

The New Moon’s setting interactions is a mighty way to align our creative cycles, with the larger cycle of nature. All of us are working to a rhythm, whether we are aware of it or not. We create, and we destroy, we also express, and we retreat. We fall, and we rise. It is a natural thing and it is how we were born to be, and how we are moving through each day, week, month, as well as a year of our lives.

The lunar cycle offers us an ideal rhythm to align with, completing every 29 days.

Moon cycle.

The moon is a perfect visual reminder for us, in the skies above us.

At Full Moon, she is shining bright, lighting up the night and energizing the world only by being that.

There is no beginning. The lunar cycle has a rhythm that does not stop, but it can still be useful to start here, at the New Moon.

It is a time for imagining, dreaming, wondering and pondering all of the people, or places and things, experiences and changes that we can make, to make the best possible version of our lives. Indeed, there are no limits on the New Moon. Let yourself dissolve into your dreams and let feelings and images rise to the surface.

Setting an intention is almost the same as lighting a match in the darkness. It is the first act in the creative process, and it sets the scene for what follows actually.
Here, we are going to present you ten tips for setting the New Moon intention:

1. Be clear about what you want.

Probably, this is the most important tip of all the others, so if you forget everything, you should at least remember this. If you are confused or vague with the intentions you have, you will get results that are unclear, confusing and vague too. The universe will respond to you to precisely what you are giving out.

2. Write down the intentions you have.

People that write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. In concrete terms, externalizing our dreams by expressing them in writing will start the process of transforming them from ideas to reality. Later on, this list will come handy. It will be our starting point for making positive affirmations.

3. Create the ritual by using the elements.

All of the elements — air, fire, water, and — earth have their vital parts to play when it comes to bringing some new ideas and intentions. But, they stand for so much more than just their material nature — each of them has a particular energetic quality which we need to call on when we are creating anew. So honoring each of the elements, by including them into the simple New Moon ritual is a sure-fire way to give our intentions an extra boost.

4. Create a New Moon talisman.

Talisman is a small and power-charged object. It can be anything that we like. Crystal, a piece of jewelry, or anything we can put in our pocket is ideal.

When we set our intentions at the New Moon, we should hold our chosen object, cupped in our hands or up against our hearts. We should send our wishes to it, as though we are charging up a battery. So anytime that you need to be reminded of, or supported in your goals over the next month, you can just draw on the magical power of the New Moon.

5. Invoke your spirit guides or angels.

We live in a free-will universe. Unless we ask, spirits cannot enter into our lives and offer their assistance. So, when we set some intentions to the New Moon, we should ask for the energetic support of our guides, for the duration of the cycle.

6. Invite your friends for company.

When we share our dreams, as well as desires and intentions with others, our vision is shared. This vision may take root in their lives, and it can manifest so much faster than if we keep it to ourselves.

7. Enjoy your life!

We should have fun with our New Moon intentions by creating a ritual that will make us enjoy, and will also keep our vibrations high. If you are a music lover, you should play music. If you have a favorite tea, make yourself a cup of it.

8. Let go of the “whens” and the “hows.”

Think about “what” you want in your life. If you get too wrapped up in how things are going to occur, you will begin to place some limits on your capability. Also, your intention will start to look very small. The path towards what we want in life can be unexpected. The universe has a lot of surprises for us, so we should let it be.

9. Just trust!

Trust is a vital part when we are setting intentions. We should set them wholeheartedly. Believe that we will get what we are asking for or even something better.

10. Follow the signs.

Every dream requires the participation of the dreamer.

Setting intentions is just a start. It will be vital over the next month to follow the signs. Make a wish to change the way of thinking about things. Change the way that you do them too. The world that is around you will re-shape and re-model itself.

So, what are your personal intentions for the New Moon? What is your favorite way of using the New Moon energy, to set your intentions and sow seeds for your future?


Source: Numerologist. Image Credit: Taylor Knetter

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