Welcome to October — the month of Magic and New Beginnings!

Welcome to October — the month of Magic and New Beginnings!


The month of October is a month of new beginnings, but it is not necessarily about starting something completely new. Instead, it is more about building new layers on what we have already been working on throughout the year.

In October, every one of us will graduate to a new level.

With this graduation, we will have a chance to lay a new foundation and approach all of our dreams, as well as hopes and wishes with a fresh perspective.

As we build up the new layers and see our lives from a new vantage point, our attention will turn to the relationships in our lives, and who we are choosing to surround ourselves with.

This is because of the fact that the planet Venus, which is the planet of love, relationships and all matters of the heart, turns retrograde on the 5th of October.

The retrograde of Venus are rare, so we tend to notice the shift in energy when it actually occurs.

The retrograde of Venus shines a light on our relationships and also helps us to cleanse away any pains that surround our heart.

At this time, we are encouraged to dig deep into our heart center in order to clear, open, as well as welcome a new understanding of love into our lives.

While this is the main theme of the retrograde of the planet Venus, from October to November this year, we will also be encouraged to focus on the joy of connection. Digging a little deeper, the retrograde of Venus will be highlighting where we lack joy in our lives.

Life is short, and at times, it is also painful, so finding joy as often as we can is very important. While there are different ways of finding joy, Venus is mainly focused on finding joy through the connection.

A connection is something very important to every human.

Building connections will help us to grow, evolve, as well as find the purpose of our lives. Feeling connected to other people is also very important for our health and wellbeing, and it is crucial to our survival too.

At the time of the retrograde, Venus will be highlighting the need for positive and loving connections in our lives. She is going to shine a light on the connections which are working and the connections which are no longer working.

The planet Venus will also be urging every one of us to really consider the significance and value of having meaningful connections in our lives as a way to bring some more joy and enthusiasm.

In the entire month of October, you should pay attention to how joyous you feel.

What can you do to bring joy into your life? Where can you build some more joyful connections?

All these will be strong undercurrent themes to the planet Venus when it is in retrograde.

On the 8th of October, there will also be a fresh New Moon in the sign of Libra. This New Moon is going to feel open, expansive, as well as full of opportunities. It will highlight this idea of a fresh start, and it is going to help every one of us to look at our lives with a completely new perspective.

This is going to be a wonderful New Moon for opening doors and going after completely new opportunities. If you were feeling like doors have been shutting around you, this New Moon is for sure going to bring the opening of a window.

After an intense Full Moon in the sign of Aries at the end of September, this New Moon is going to really help to bring a lighter, as well as fresher energy which is definitely going to be enjoyed.

Following the New Moon in the sign of Libra, we also have the 10/10 gateways that are a powerful day in numerology.

The numerology code of this day further enhances the idea of building up a new layer, as well as finding new potential in what we were working towards.

The month October will also bring us a Full Moon on the 24th in Taurus. This will continue the theme of building and assessing the relationships in our lives.

Also, this Full Moon will encourage us to take the lessons of Venus retrograde to heart and is going to help us to release and let go of any relationships which no longer serve us.

Also, there will be a need to create more stability, structure, as well as groundedness, particularly when it comes to our finances.

While the planet Venus is the ruler of the heart, she also rules over money, profits, as well as commissions. Under the Full Moon on the 24th, our finances may be highlighted, and we may have to take some measures, in order to overhaul and create more security in our lives.

Overall, the month of October will bring us a chance to see our lives with a fresh new perspective.

We will be encouraged to work on matters of the heart and to also open our eyes to find some more joy and connection.

We will be encouraged to build and create with other people, but also create security, as well as stability when it comes to pursuing our dreams and desires.

October is actually one of those months in which you can sit back and really permit yourself to be guided. It is a month of possibilities, opportunities, as well as for opening your heart.

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