Researchers Treat HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Without Chemo

Around 20% of people with breast cancer, both men and women, have HER2-positive breast cancer. This type of cancer is aggressive and causes uncontrolled reproduction of breast cells. The Typical Treatment of HER2-Positive Breast Cancer The ...

March 24th New Moon – What to Expect From It

Although a new moon is unnoticeable in the sky, it marks the start of a new lunar cycle. It also signals the start of a new individual cycle as it tends to deeply impact your mind ...

International Day of Happiness

March 20 is more than just a day to be happy. It’s a time when we are given the opportunity to recognize the importance of happiness in everyone’s lives as a fundamental human goal. The International ...

Can 3D Printed Human Corneas Cure Blindness?

baby with 3d eyeball
Incredible news is coming from Newcastle University in the UK, where researchers have managed to 3D print the first real human corneas in the world. The availability of corneas for transplantations is very low nowadays, so this printing technique can be groundbreaking. It could mean an unlimited supply ...
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What’s Harder, Staying at Home with Kids or Going to Work?

overwhelmed woman
Kids are our pride and joy. They are sweet little bundles of joy sent by the Universe. They make us learn what true love, happiness, and affection is. At, least that’s what most people think. On the other hand, they know how to drive us nuts like no ...
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Brewery Uses Edible 6-Pack Rings That Feed Sea Turtles Instead Of Killing Them

sea turtle
Plastic waste is dangerous to marine wildlife, and we all know it. But, not many people are aware that 8 million metric tons of plastic are dumped in the ocean every single year. All this plastic would take centuries to decompose, and in the meantime, it would continue ...
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Elon Musk’s Tesla Still Orbits the Sun, Two Years After SpaceX Launch

Who remembers the SpaceX founder Elon Musk flinging his red Tesla Roadster into space with the launch of Falcon Heavy rocket on February 6th, 2018? It was quite insane, but the sporty car is still exploring the solar system. The exact location of the car can be seen ...
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The Art of Manipulation – Here are 5 Clues

Finding the right one can be hard if you have low self-confidence or self-worth. Seeing yourself not worthy of love can make you choose a wrong partner. Sometimes you may wonder, “am I being manipulated?” In fact, it can bring you closer to someone who degrades, manipulates, or ...
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9 Ways To Improve Yourself? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Most of us keep on preventing our focus in life from shifting. We tend to refuse to live our life on life’s terms and keep on living it on our terms. We try to adapt our environment to us instead of adapting ourselves to our environment.   It’s ...
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Bermuda Triangle Mystery Debunked? Scientist Explains

One ocean scientist claims that there’s nothing mysterious in the Bermuda Triangle. The infamous area of water stretches across the North Atlantic between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida. The so-called Devil’s Triangle is the place where many vessels have sunk and over 1,000 people have died in the ...
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Does a Vegan Diet Affect Your Intelligence?

vegetable arrangement
The vegan diet reduces or completely omits the intake of several nutrients important for the brain. So, could the lack of these nutrients impact the ability of vegans to think? In the 1880s, when Mahatma Gandhi was just a teenager, a meeting was to take place in the ...
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Remembering The Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion

Challenger Shuttle Disaster
This past January 28th marked the anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger explosion in 1986 that killed seven crew members 73 seconds after launching. The crew included Christa McAuliffe, a high school teacher from New Hampshire, who was supposed to be the first teacher in space as a ...
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