Does a Vegan Diet Affect Your Intelligence?

The vegan diet reduces or completely omits the intake of several nutrients important for the brain. So, could the lack of these nutrients impact the ability of vegans to think? In the 1880s, when Mahatma Gandhi ...

What’s Harder, Staying at Home with Kids or Going to Work?

Kids are our pride and joy. They are sweet little bundles of joy sent by the Universe. They make us learn what true love, happiness, and affection is. At, least that’s what most people think. On ...

Can 3D Printed Human Corneas Cure Blindness?

Incredible news is coming from Newcastle University in the UK, where researchers have managed to 3D print the first real human corneas in the world. The availability of corneas for transplantations is very low nowadays, so ...

9 Ways To Improve Yourself? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Most of us keep on preventing our focus in life from shifting. We tend to refuse to live our life on life’s terms and keep on living it on our terms. We try to adapt our ...

Juice Jacking: How Hackers Use Public Phone Charging Stations to Steal Your Info

Hackers and scammers are installing malware into public charging stations to steal data from users’ phones or tablets, experts say. Seeing that your device is about to die when you’re on the go is super frustrating, ...

Should We Require High School Students to Take ‘Personal Finance’ Class?

personal finance
High school students take science, math, and English classes, but a new South Carolina bill could require them to take personal finance as well. As for financial literacy globally, America isn’t ranked quite as high as you may think. Who would’ve thought? Well, it may seem like out ...
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A Chinese Boy Finds 66-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Eggs

prehistoric dinosaur eggs
A fossilized dinosaur egg of an extremely rare dinosaur nest was accidentally found in the city of Héyuán located in the Guangdong province, China, known for the number of dinosaur egg fossils. Namely, the 10-year old Zhang Yangzhe unearthed the egg while playing near a lake leading to ...
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Woman With Autism Passes The Bar And Becomes An Attorney In Florida

Meet the 24-year old Haley Moss, the first person with autism admitted to the Florida Bar and successfully becoming a lawyer. When Haley was a 3-year toddler, she could read and do 100-piece jigsaw puzzles. However, she had difficulty speaking. When her parents saw that she is incredibly ...
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The 7th Largest Bank to Roll Out First Virtual Currency ATM

The 7th largest bank in the Philippines, Aboitiz-led Union Bank, is ready to launch the country’s first bank-based cryptocurrency ATM, allowing people to purchase and sell digital units for cash. Justo A. Ortiz, UnionBank Chairman, stated that the new ATM for virtual currencies would be located in the ...
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It Took Me 60 Years To Learn These 19 Things

The American author, Pulitzer prize winner, and humorist Dave Barry is known for many things, but mostly for its interesting quotes about things he has learned in his life. Fans have gathered the best of his quotes about life from the book called Dave Burry Turns 50 and ...
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A Strong Woman Will Never Beg. When She Says Goodbye, it’s Forever

woman leaving man
When a strong woman feels she’s unwanted, she will leave you no matter what, and she will never look back. She will never doubt her decision, and she will never give you a second chance. This woman loves you with all her heart, so she is even ready ...
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7 Signs It Is Time to Remove a Toxic Family Member From Your Life.

toxic and angry
Family is essential in our lives as it affects our mental status, our behavior in society, and our personal life. It’s about faith, love, understanding, hope, comfort, advice, values, morals, etc. It should always be there for us, in good and bad times. The relationship with our family ...
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Giving Your Child a Smartphone Is “Like Giving Them Drugs,” Says Top Addiction Expert

HEALTH Self Development
The growing smartphone addiction affects around 50% of teenagers in the world, 84% of which say they can’t imagine a day without their phone. Children are more easily influenced than adults as their brains are still developing at a rapid pace. At this point, bad habits can quickly ...
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Tonight Is The Last Full Moon Of The Decade — Get Ready For A Major Energy Shift!

Tonight is the Full Moon and it will certainly be the best and most powerful event of 2019. This period will bring a mixture of energies, in that way representing release, completion, as well as new beginnings. In some sense, this lunar cycle is going to help us ...
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