Multiverse: The Universe We Experience Is Just One Of A Gigantic Number Of Worlds.

Multiverse: The Universe We Experience Is Just One Of A Gigantic Number Of Worlds.

Parallel Universes

Parallel universes have excited the minds of many, being imagined famously within the television series Fringe, and tailored as trade worlds for the Butterfly Effect.

Howard Wiseman of Griffith University in Australia led a crew that has created a new, groundbreaking idea, suggesting that more than one different universes exist within the same space and time as our very own and that they have interaction on a quantum level reports IFL technological know-how.

For us the nonprofessionals, the quantum principle may be an utterly complex concept to conceptualize.

Michael Hall is the lead creator of the paper which introduces the ‘many interacting worlds’ concept as an opportunity to the well-known ‘many worlds’ technique that came in the 1950s.

The traditional ‘many worlds’ idea shows that when an event takes place (like the asteroid hitting earth), then different universes are created with all the possible effects of that event, and ours simply came about to be that the dinosaurs had been wiped out.

To apprehend their new theory, we will consider a deck of cards wherein every card is an occasion. If you have a complete deck of cards, the one you switch over will be any single final result (outcome), until you turn it over and it forces one particular result (outcome) to arise. WATCH THIS VIDEO!

So their principle indicates that the parallel universes overlap and take up the same space and time, concurrently current in all possible configurations till an observer (us turning over the cardboard) forces one nation to exist, much like in quantum concept.

The response from the physics community has been combined, with one scientist branding it ‘a massive waste of time,’ at the same time as others consider it as ‘a very significant evaluation.’ So…

We should try and check the concept, and figure out if we can enter into the parallel universes, which could result in time travel!


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