7 Ways to Unleash the Power of Positive Thinking and Live a Happy Life.

7 Ways to Unleash the Power of Positive Thinking and Live a Happy Life.

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Positive thinking can touch all areas of our lives. Positive thinking allows us to have the power to achieve anything we want and live a happy life. There are no negative thoughts and the words “I can’t” are just not allowed into our lives.

The first rule of thumb is that positive thinking leads to positive behaviors. These behaviors then affect our habits. All-in-all the vote among those who achieve great things is that positive thinking got them to where they are. Yes, even the positive thinking people will face failures. The reason they still come through a failure and smile is because of the way they think about the situation. A positive thinker will not look at it like it is a failure because they view the failure as a learning tool. The next time a particular task is attempted, the positive thinker knows what NOT to do.

But how to fill our lives with positive thinking and create a happy life?

1. Say “yes” to life!

If we do not do anything to experience life except for our daily routines, we are missing out on so much. Taking a walk in the brisk air allows us to be able to see things more clearly. We begin to notice the trees and lights. We may notice the sounds of the birds at the end of the day. When walking with our partners we actually hear the whole conversation unencumbered. There is no multi-tasking and life slows down a bit.

2. Stop negative talk, and this includes a negative talk to ourselves.

The more we tell ourselves we do not look good with the little extra weight the more our brains will focus on it. We are all special, and every human being has the right to be comfortable in their shoes. Drop the negative talk about others. Although we may not think it is terrible to talk negatively about others, it is showing the real personality. Positive thinking has no room for negativity.

3. Dream big and act big.

We can accomplish anything we put our minds to and have a happy life. We live in a society where we are able to get good educations, buy good food, and live our lives to the fullest. If we sit back and let life happen to us, we are not in control. Dreaming big allows us to set goals and achieve great things.

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4. Follow your passion.

Make time each week to do something you love. Getting together with a group of friends just to have dinner can be all we want. Others choose to go and watch a sporting event or fishing. The goal is to make it something that we are passionate about.

Information overload making us brain dead? Every so often we need to clean the junk out of our brains. The brain needs to be programmed to think positive. If we are carrying around old baggage, we need to let it go to live a happy life.

We build up the feeling of insecurity or security by how we think. If in our thoughts we constantly fix attention upon sinister expectations of dire events that might happen, the result will be constantly to feel insecure. And what is even more serious is the tendency to create, by the power of thought, the very condition we fear. ∼ Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking

5. Positive Thinking and Our Health.

It has been proven over and over that positive thinking is good for our health. One study, conducted by the American Heart Association, shows that those who have heart disease and think positive tend to live longer than their counterparts.

Positive thinking also helps to foster good health habits including diet and exercise. Most positive thinkers will report that they feel better after exercising. And of course, if we feel better getting exercise then we should go for it.

Did you know that positive thinking can give us greater resistance to the common cold? It is true. With stress levels being reduced, our bodies function better and can fight off illness. Positive thinking has also been proven to help cure cancer.

If we feel that we are always stressed out, then it is the time we begin positive thinking. As one mom puts it, “I felt like a ton of bricks were lifted off of my shoulders.” This mom had decided that she was not going to worry about every little thing and let things fall into place. She also decided to begin seeing the good in all situations. By adopting a different way of thinking she probably added years onto her life.

6. Positive Thinking Takes Practice.

There will be days when things are just not going right. We have two choices on how to handle the day. The first choice is that we can be thankful for everything that we have. Our loved ones and friends are just the beginning of the many things we can be thankful for. The second choice is to be miserable and drag everyone around us down. Not too many people enjoy spending time with those who want to be miserable instead of upbeat and positive.

Practicing positive thinking will get us to the place we want to be and live a happy life. If we find ourselves slipping back into negative thoughts, we can reassess the situation. The more we practice living and being kind and gentle with ourselves and others, our world turns into a nicer place.

Take the time each day to just smile at a random stranger. Watch how people respond to just a friendly smile. That person you smile at may just feel good to have someone notice them and offer a nice gesture.

When unleashing the power of positive thinking, we will notice how others around us respond to our interactions. People are drawn to those who have a positive can-do attitude.

Positive thinking allows us to be able to live fuller healthier lives. How do you incorporate positive thinking into your daily life?

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  1. Love this! I hope everyone understand that positive thinking can have great effects on our health too! – Rebecca

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I fully agree…I like your blog btw 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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