Rare Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter Happening this Week — a Powerful Energy that You will Benefit from.

Rare Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter Happening this Week — a Powerful Energy that You will Benefit from.

Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

Two planets of the solar system considered the most passionate and romantic ones, the planets Venus and Jupiter will align together so they will bring love, opportunities, abundance, and positive thoughts for our future, all that in Sagittarius.

The alignment occurs during this week of the 21st of January, but we are going to feel it better and most intensely throughout the first half of it.

Right after the powerful Blood Moon Eclipse, the alignment of the two planets of cosmic energies is going to bring us relief and is going to help us in seeing the positive sides of everything the energies of the Eclipse brought on our way.

This alignment is also going to help us feel hopeful and optimistic about our future, or excited for what is about to come. That can bring relief because Eclipses can usually stir the things up, or make us have some questions about our path on which we move forward.

However, regardless of what the potent Eclipse brought you, remember that the alignment of Jupiter and Venus is going to provide you with a protective impact and also help you temper harmful energies if there are any.

When Jupiter and Venus come to align, they are shining as bright beacons somewhere in the night sky, and they also encourage you to think with an open heart, explore, follow abundance and go after your goals regardless of how big they may seem.

The two planets will also inspire you to travel or surround yourself with some things which make you feel good. Under the energy of the alignment, it will be the right moment to clear each room in the house and then release everything which does not inspire you any more or does not align with your life’s visions anymore.

The two planets will come together in order to help you create your clear vision about your life, and your dreams will have to be updated.

Under the cosmic energy, you have to take your time to work out everything that gives you inspiration or what your dream life looks or feels like.

You can close the eyes and then imagine a perfect day. What is it going to look like? Imagine your clothes, your living place, and your feelings. Permit yourself to take this journey and immerse in the imagination.

After opening the eyes, you should jot down several notes or even something else which feels significant. Maybe you can see what emotions the dream life evoked in you, or work on creating such feelings slowly, only for yourself, regardless of in what condition your life is right now.

This alignment will be really romantic, beautiful and dreamy energy from which every one of us is going to feel the benefits.

Such alignment is also going to occur for the second time in November this year, so learn how you can use the energies now, and after that measure how the dreams you had manifested or unfolded until the alignment of the two planets occurs once again during November.


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