Saturn’s Shift into Capricorn — 5 Ways to Conspire with the Cosmos to Make your Life a Lot Easier!

Saturn’s Shift into Capricorn — 5 Ways to Conspire with the Cosmos to Make your Life a Lot Easier!

Saturn's Shift Into Capricorn

The planet Saturn has been spiraling through the sign of Sagittarius for almost three years.

It is likely that you have grown used to the feeling of its responsibility-centric qualities buffering against your desires to expand and fly free. For many of us this long transit has felt heavy, like having weights tie around the ankles … does this sound familiar to you?

The good news — it’s almost done!. The planet Saturn has entered into its ruling sign of Capricorn, where it will stay until 2020. Saturn is at its home!

It can also express freely and get the kind of work done, which this planet so loves. We are all about to experience quite a radical shift. Personally, you will start feeling a lot more at ease, as well as a lot abler to face the harsh stuff which life throws at you without deflecting.

Saturn’s Shift into Capricorn 1: It is time to be real.

The planet Saturn loves structure. And the sign of Capricorn provides that to it.

Saturn forces us to be critical. Capricorn, on the other hand, will hold us while we take an honest look at ourselves and the lives that we have created. For the next two years, there will not be an escape. Scrutinizing the details of our circumstances (as well as the decisions which we have made to get there) is the only path ahead. But, unlike the fiery Sagittarian energy which we have all been challenging up until now, the sign Capricorn does not want to escape. Capricorn wants to dig in, embed, as well as do what is practically tangibly needed to make life work in there and now. It will be a total turnaround!

Saturn’s Shift into Capricorn 2: No more blame.

During this period, the planet Saturn will be helping us to pinpoint where we are limiting ourselves by rooting into our values, as well as motives and excuses. We will also be asked to take responsibility for what we do, as well as for the effects of our actions out into our worlds. No more passing the buck, no more blame.
The driving seat will begin to feel a little more like it belongs to us.

Saturn’s Shift into Capricorn 3: Aim for the summit.

The planet Saturn has a way of focusing the mind-limitations which once felt restrictive. Personal control, as well as responsibilities, become empowerment, not duties and burdens to bear.

Capricorn also works together with the planet Saturn, brings a tremendous amount of resilience, tenacity and so much stamina. When you want something enough, this will be the time to work for it. Keep on working, until you reach the peak of that mountain, and the summit is yours. Capricorn will also not let you give up, as it knows the promise of the long-term reward. This means that this 2-year period will be an incredibly fertile ground to build something of values; something which will have lasting effects on your life. So, take a hard look at your career goals. Now is the time for stepping them all up.

Saturn’s Shift into Capricorn 4: Fierce love.

If you are not ready to admit the central role that you play in your life, this transit will set up to keep on reminding you, until it seeps into your bones. When you are still in the habit of shifting the blame, the Cosmos will be turning right back to you, every time. It will be time to build your dreams from the ground up, no matter of what is standing in the way. Or to stop talking about them altogether and move on. This is a universal exercise which is in the fiercest love there is.

Saturn’s Shift into Capricorn 5: Earth energy.

This may all sound a bit daunting, or a bit too much like hard work and not enough play. So it will be hugely important to hold onto the fun factor, to find enough pleasure, as well as to care for your human needs. Look after your needs in the future. For many people, this will probably mean slowing the pace, as well as inviting in the earth energy of the sign of Capricorn, in its most grounded and body-connected way. Exercise will also become a vital ingredient, especially the one that is the deep, core, strengthening. Capricorn is usually thought to hold an energy that is steely and stern, but it can also be full of the wickedest humor.

Source/Inspired: Numerologist.  Image Credit: Shutterstock (Licenced)

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