“We found a world that we had never imagined!” — Scientists discover multidimensional universe INSIDE our brain.

“We found a world that we had never imagined!” — Scientists discover multidimensional universe INSIDE our brain.

brain dimensions

Experts were using Mathematical methods of algebraic topology and have found structures and multidimensional geometric spaces in human brain networks.

Scientists say that a new study demonstrated that the human brain contains structures and shapes that may have up to 11 dimensions.

They say human brains make several connections from each cell to another (in between 86Bilion neurons), expanding and connecting in every possible direction, producing a super-fast cellular network. All that makes us capable of thought and consciousness, as written in Science Alert.

Experts from different countries made a team and gathered around the Blue Brain project. They’ve obtained results that have never ever been observed before in the world of neuroscience — according to the research written in the journal Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience.

Scientists find structures in the human brain that are displaying a multi-dimensional universe, revealing the very first geometric design of neural connections and how they react to different stimuli.

Experts and scientist were trying to understand how human brain cells can adapt themselves in order to carry out extremely complex tasks.

They were using mathematical models of algebraic topology in order to explain different structures and multidimensional geometric spaces in human brain networks.

In the studying, scientists explain how structures are formed at the same time that they are interlaced in a “unity” that creates a precise geometric structure.

The famous scientist and director Henry Markram of Blue Brain Project in Lausanne, Switzerland said in one interview:

In this studying, we have found the world that we had never imagined before. We’ve found that tens of millions of these objects are in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions.

Experts say in some networks:

We even discovered structures with up to 11 dimensions.

With the help of algebraic topology and the aid of computers, experts were able to model the structure of a virtual brain.

Later, experts carried out tests on real brain tissue to verify the results.

After that, the scientist made a research where they’ve included stimulus into the virtual brain tissue. They found that cliques of progressively higher dimensions compiled. Experts found that in between these cliques there were empty spaces like holes.

Scientist Ran Levi from Aberdeen University, who worked on the paper, said in one interview:

When the brain is processing information, there is a presence of high-dimensional cavities which indicates that the neurons in the network respond to stimuli in a remarkably organized manner.

The brain responds to an inducement by constructing than deleting a tower of multi-dimensional blocks, starting with rods (1D), planks (2D), cubes (3D), and then more complex geometries with 4D, 5D, etc.

Experts say that they are three-dimensional (3D) in nature: they have height, width, and depth. The things uncovered by experts in the study of the brain don’t exist in more than three dimensions in our REALITY. Anyway, mathematicians used to define them can have as much as 5, 6, 7 or up to 11 dimensions. [Source: WIRED/Image credit]

The Professor Cees van Leeuwen, from KU Leuven, Belgium, said in an interview for magazine Wired:

Outside of physics, high-dimensional spaces are commonly used to represent complex data structures or conditions of systems. For example, the state of a dynamical system in state space. Space is the combination of all the degrees of freedom the human system has, and its state represents the values these degrees of freedom are actually assuming.


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