September Is Very Powerful, Here’s What To Expect In This Double Energy Month.

September Is Very Powerful, Here’s What To Expect In This Double Energy Month.

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Do you know why September is believed to be a power month in numerology? Well, it’s because it’s the ninth month of the year, and the number 9 stands for creation, signifying completion, wholeness, and endings.

Even Nikola Tesla knew the power of the number 9:

If you knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe.

Our personal year number’s weight and lessons are mostly felt in the month of September. This month is the only month of the year when our personal month number will be the same as our personal year number.

What does it mean?

It means that September’s energies will help us to meet and look at the gifts, lessons, and challenges we’re destined to go through this year based on our personal numerology.

In that way, we can start wrapping things up so that we can prepare for the new challenges and lessons the new year will bring.

To calculate your personal year number, add the day of your birth plus the month of your birth plus the current year. Keep on reducing that amount until you get a number from one to nine. The number you get is your personal year number.

Personal Year #1

This year was all about change and new beginnings for you, so your life has probably taken on an entirely new direction. You’re getting a chance to present your originality and true self in the best possible light, so don’t back down now.

Trust your instincts and believe in yourself. You don’t have to follow the crowd – be unique. After the long soul-searching this year, this month will probably bring more insights to the surface. Take small steps on the path you believe it’s the right for you, and expect progress. September is a good month to aim high in your career.

Personal Year #2

You’ve felt confused and doubtful throughout the year, not knowing what you want, or searching for a business or life partner. After a year of duality, this month is the perfect time to take action and forge a friendship or meet someone special.

September will be a social month for those with this personal year number, so mingle and network to make some significant connections. Also, it’s the right time to slow things down if you’ve tend to pull in different directions. Decide what you really want and stick to it.

Personal Year #3

September is the perfect time to work out on releasing pent up emotions and communicating your thoughts in a clear way. The energies of this month will help you to let things go and say goodbye to old emotions you don’t need anymore.

It’s also the right time to begin new projects or thrive in your career, September being a highly creative month. If you’ve planned to rest somewhere or travel, now is the time to take your plans into actions.

Personal Year #4

When it comes to love and family matters, this is the year to wrap up loose ends. This month, create healthy boundaries with someone you feel is taking advantage of you, or heal old family wounds.

September is a good month to manage any repairs or maintenance in your home, or to redesign it and bring more positive and loving energy.

This year was all about changes for you, so September’s energies will help you deal with any lingering emotions, especially those related to your childhood or family.

Personal Year #5

You might still be in the process of figuring out what’s next, this year bringing you many chances in your attitudes or beliefs. Now is the time to think out of the box and do things in your own way since September is all about creativity.

Feel free to find a new way to do things or shake up your routine as that can make you see things from another perspective. The energies of September will heighten your perception, so keep your mind open and see what comes next.

This month, try journaling, meditation, or other creative activities to channel any stagnant or excess energy. Also, you might find a new love this time of the year, so put yourself out there if you want to meet someone new.

Personal Year #6

This year was all about rest and rejuvenation for those with this personal year number. Those with wellbeing issues need to slow down and reevaluate their plans and intentions before moving forward.

If you’re one of them, this month is the perfect time to become more aware and enjoy what you have in your life right now, even if there’s a lot of change in the air. Allow yourself to observe and enjoy the direction and flow of your life.

Don’t try to resolve every challenge that appeared this year. Don’t hurry, but relax and surrender. Everything will work out in time. Try yoga, meditation, or energy healing practices that will benefit your body, mind, and spirit.

Personal Year #7

You’ve probably been very busy this year, but September is the time to put your plans into action when it comes to your career. Also, it’s the right time to seek a new position if you want a change.

Those who’ve experienced a spiritual awakening this year, will have it highlighted this month thanks to September’s energies. You might notice you have intuitive insight, vivid dreams, and you may feel more sensitive.

With so many things going on in your external life, don’t forget your inner needs.

Personal Year #8

This year you’ve likely understand your potential and power so it’s a pretty important year for you. You might have realized the path you want to follow, or even discovered new talents.

This month is great time to continue owning your personal power and learn new things. Stand up for yourself and speak up your mind if something has been bothering you.

Great power brings great responsibility, so you may need to start creating boundaries or take ownership of your life in a completely different way.

This month is great for getting your finances in order as well.

Personal Number #9

Probably a rollercoaster year for those with this personal year number. You’ve been challenged to clear out the old, but at the same time welcome in the new. Sometimes this duality was too confusing for you, not knowing what comes and what goes.

But, this month things are going to get smoother. Even though you may feel life is pulling you in different directions, try to find your stillness and believe you’ll be lead in the right one.

In September, give your best to give up control or worries and stresses about the future. Instead, surrender to the present. Be aware of here and now, and take small steps forward.

You’ll see, everything will become much clearer. You just need to be patient. So, sit back and relax, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride!


Source: Tanaaz / Forever Conscious

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