10 Easy Tips on Setting and Achieving Goals.

10 Easy Tips on Setting and Achieving Goals.

We all have big dreams. It is whether we decide to follow those dreams or not. Setting goals is a huge factor in getting where we want to be in life. Let’s not look at only the setting, but achieving goals as well.

1. Setting Small Goals.

One of the biggest problems when trying to set goals is when we attempt to complete a large goal. When setting a goal that is too large, we tend to become overwhelmed and not finish the goal we have set to accomplish. Feelings of frustration and disappointment begin to set in, and we give up. This is not the way to go about setting goals, and unfortunately, this pattern can lead to a whole lot of goals not being accomplished.

By learning to set goals that are smaller, and in chunks, we find that they are easier and more enjoyable to accomplish. Having less frustration and not feeling overwhelmed allows us to complete those goals that we have set.

2. Afraid to Set Goals.

Are we being held back because we are afraid to set goals? Fear not if this is you because it happens to many of us. Are we afraid of failure or criticism? The thing to remember is that many people will fail before accomplishing goals. A failure is a learning tool for us, and we may fail a few times before winning.

This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything. ~ Scott Reed

3. Keep a Positive Attitude.

Attitude is half the battle when we are setting and accomplishing our life goals. It is vital that we are positive about the things we are doing. Attitude can and will affect the motivation when it comes to goals. Attitude is how we see and interact with the world around us.

Tips on Setting and Achieving Goals.

If we don’t believe that our goals are important, then we will never accomplish them. To achieve these targets, we need to be able to learn to change our attitudes. Some people are always negative, and these are the same folks that do not accomplish goals.

4. Self-discipline.

When setting goals, we must incorporate self-discipline. For instance, we have a goal to have a paper finished by a certain date. While setting the goal, we set how much of the paper, we are going to accomplish per day. If we do not work on the paper because we want to watch television, then this is not using self-discipline. We must be responsible and stay disciplined. There will be times when we just do not feel like doing the paper. By holding ourselves accountable, we will feel so much better in the end.

5. Goal Setting for Success.

Goal setting is used to figure out what we want to achieve in life. It brings motivation and raises self-esteem. Goals are something that we learn and grow from. The more we attempt to accomplish goals we set the better we get at the process.

6. Take out the Paper.

When setting goals, be sure to write down exactly what we want to accomplish. Once the actual goal is listed, then write about how this goal motivates us. If at any time we become discouraged we can go back to our hard copy and reread why we are driven to conquer this goal.

7. Construct an Action Plan.

Because many of us get so focused on the end results of our goals we forget the steps for obtaining the goals. Write out all of the individual steps that need to be focused on for the goal. Once we complete a particular part of the goal, we can then cross it off the list. Completing this checklist will also help our motivation.

8. Stick to your Goals.

Taking action is liberating when it comes to goals. Each task that we conquer brings us closer to the successful ending of a goal. The end product is what you want to finish, but the way we take action may change along the way. Although the path on how you will be successful may change, the end result is still the same. By changing our plan of action, we are actually learning the best way to set and achieve our goals.

9. Success is Ours.

There is nothing that cannot be accomplished if we set our hearts and minds to it. There may be failure along the way, but we are learning. Those failures that we encounter teach us what not to do the next time around. Remaining positive and realizing we are learning, allows us to have fun and enjoy our goals along the way.

10. Have Faith in Ourselves.

There are so many things to accomplish in this lifetime. With a positive attitude and having confidence in ourselves, we will be able to see the fruit of our work. We can accomplish anything we set our minds to. The problem is that we must make sure that we keep the motivation and faith in ourselves. Without motivation and faith in ourselves, our goals will seem like we are trying to climb high mountains.

Staying Motivated.

No one can make another person feel motivated if they are not already. Motivation comes from within and needs to be brought out to achieve great things.

We must be willing to leave our comfort zones. This is a tremendous learning experience, and you will be surprised how great it feels in the end.

We learn from making mistakes. So, do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Make the conscious effort to be happy. Happy people are more willing to set goals and follow them through.

Humor – we cannot be afraid to just laugh at ourselves. There will be times when we actually crack ourselves up when we learn to accept ourselves for who we are.

Stress – learn to handle bouts of stress. Stress is something that can get us from time-to-time. The faster we learn to manage stress the better time we can have to laugh it off.

Learn to appreciate life. When we appreciate the things and people around us, we are just happier people.

Never give up! Failure is going to happen, and that is how we learn to do the things that will bring us to a positive end.

What are some things that you do to stay motivated when setting goals?

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