Setting Goals: 7 Important Reasons Why We Should!

Setting Goals: 7 Important Reasons Why We Should!

setting goals

Setting goals is one of the most talked-about topics in the personal development industry. Everyone knows about setting goals, but not everyone does it. Only 3% of people have clear, written goals. And studies have shown that people who have written goals are 50% more likely to achieve them.

Even though setting goals is nothing new, it’s one of the most powerful and effective methods to help us achieve greater success in life.

And in this article, we’re going to discover the seven reasons why setting goals is important and why we should do it.

If we’re yet to set any goal, here are seven reasons we should do so.

1. To give us a clear path in life.

Imagine going through life without any clear direction. What would life be like? Well, we’d live like a lost sheep, following the crowd and getting nowhere.

When we have a clear and specific goal in mind, we’ll know what we need to do and where to go. Our goals act as the bull’s-eye of the target. Once we have identified the bull’s-eye, we can then fly like an arrow straight to the target.

setting goals

On the other hand, when we have no idea what we want to do with our life or what we want to achieve, we’ll end up going nowhere.

This is why setting goals is important. Thus, we need to identify our goals right now.

2. To help us focus better on getting what we want.

Have you ever gone through weekends where you have no plan and nothing to do? Did you end up spending that weekend productively? Very likely not.

When we don’t know what we want, we’ll end up wasting time and doing nothing, just like a lot of people’s weekends. When we know what we want to achieve, we may end up spending our time more productively.

For example, if we set a goal to read two books a month, there is a good chance that we’ll spend our weekend reading the books.

And when we don’t have a goal, we might end up sleeping, watching too much TV, checking updates on Facebook, or just wasting our time playing games. See the difference now?

Basically, setting goals helps us get rid of all the distractions and gets us where we want to go in life.

3. To let us measure our progress.

This is crucial if we want to achieve better results in life. We can’t measure our progress unless we already have a clear target for what we want to accomplish.

Think about it: why do sports have scoring systems? What would happen if there were no scorekeeping in basketball? Would the players play seriously?

People play seriously and are more committed when they can measure their progress. The reason is simple: they want to win. The same goes for setting goals: when we set goals, we aim to achieve them.

setting goals

Besides that, when we’re able to measure our progress, we can improve. We can’t get better at things that we can’t measure. It’s just like losing weight. If we can measure our weight, we can tell whether we’re making progress and getting closer to our ideal weight.

Therefore, we should set goals so we can measure our results and improve our lives right now.

4. To motivate and drive us.

Another important reason to set goals is that our goals will motivate and drive us. Try going through a day without any direction or plan. You’ll feel bored and sleepy.

Conversely, when we have something in mind that we want to achieve, we’ll feel more motivated because it’s something that we’re looking forward to.

If our goals don’t motivate or drive us, we should reconsider our goals. Or our urge to achieve the goals is simply not strong enough. When something is important and meaningful to us, we’ll do it with motivation.

“People aren’t lazy. They simply have impotent goals — that is, goals that don’t inspire them.”
~ Tony Robbins

So let’s set empowering goals that will drive us to take action. Try to go bigger and make the goals as exciting as possible.

5. To force us to think outside the box.

When we set goals, we should aim for something bigger, something that will inspire and challenge us. Therefore, in order to achieve them, we’ll have to think outside the box.

If we’re earning $3,000 a month at a job and would like to earn an additional $1,000 a month, how can we do it? Well, with that as a goal, the brain starts searching for answers. It’s forced to think creatively about our resources and come up with solutions to achieve that.

People who don’t have goals will never think of doing things differently. And they’ll never challenge the norm. All they do is follow orders and do things, well, normally.

Extraordinary people such as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Michael Jordan dared to challenge themselves to go higher. And it all started from having the burning desire to achieve something greater in life.

6. To make us happy and fulfilled.

The world-famous scientist Albert Einstein once said, “If we want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

Imagine that our goal is to buy our mother a house, and we work hard to save money every day. The journey is difficult and challenging, but we choose to continue to march forward because we have a meaningful goal to reach.

Every time we put the money we saved into that special bank account, we feel happy and fulfilled. We look at the figure growing bigger and see that every day we’re moving closer toward that goal. How does that make us feel? Happy and fulfilled, right?

This is exactly what our goals can do for us.

7. To make us more committed to things we want in life.

This is one of the most important reasons why we want to set goals. When we set goals and write them down, we’re telling ourselves that these are the important things we want to achieve.

People who don’t have goals are simply not committed. Even people who do have goals but who don’t write them down or don’t review them daily aren’t really committed. Our actions show whether we’re serious about achieving what we want.

People will only write down their goals when they’re committed and when they treat their goals seriously.

If we aren’t serious about our goals, we’ll never bother writing them down or reviewing them.

This is what separates successful people from unsuccessful people. Let’s be successful by treating our dreams seriously and committing to our goals.

Final thoughts.

Now that we know why setting goals is important, let’s go ahead and set our goals right now. Let’s write them down and review our progress each day. If we make sure our goals are things that we truly want and that will inspire us to move forward, we’re on our way to success!

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