Should We Require High School Students to Take ‘Personal Finance’ Class?

Should We Require High School Students to Take ‘Personal Finance’ Class?

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High school students take science, math, and English classes, but a new South Carolina bill could require them to take personal finance as well. As for financial literacy globally, America isn’t ranked quite as high as you may think.

Who would’ve thought?

Well, it may seem like out of the norm, but the Horry County Senator Luke Rankin has already proposed the bill that would require high school students to pass personal finance in order to graduate.

The class would cover different topics, from taxes, insurance, budgeting, and banking, to how to avoid too much debt and retirement planning.

According to the Certified Financial Planner at Carolina Wealth Advisors, Dr. Christopher St. John:

You can really put yourself in a really bad hole that you’re gonna be digging yourself out of the rest of your life.

If passed, the personal finance course would be required, and that would mean a mandatory test at the end of the year before graduation.

The bill will go into effect in 2020 if fully adopted.

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