A Simple Health Plan for Improved Health and Weight Loss.

A Simple Health Plan for Improved Health and Weight Loss.

Simple Health Plan For Improved Health And Weight Loss

Nowadays it seems like everyone is on some healthy diet. Many people live by strict standards and are extremely careful about their food. Many others emphasize a healthy lifestyle and just post pictures on Instagram. But what about these diets? Is there a simple health plan? Is there one that simplifies research, counting calories, measuring weight, and so on?

According to our friend Leo Babauta, he developed one and said that it works correctly for him.

His health plan is not miraculous, but it will make you healthier, and you’ll lose weight. And if you want even better results, use an accountability partner, if possible.

Here’s the simple health plan:

1. Eat a lot of vegetables, and

2. Do something active and funny every day.

And that’s it! Take a look at these frequently asked questions, and you’ll understand a lot more about the plan.

Q: What about meat? Can I eat meat like I do now?

A: Yes of course, but first eat a lot of vegetables.

Q: Can I eat sweets and grains?

A: Yes. Just eat a lot of vegetables first.

Q: You said vegetables, but which ones are preferred?

A: All vegetables are superfoods. Eat green vegetables, which are the best, and eat a bunch of the others: yellow, red, and orange.

Q: Starchy vegetables?

A: Yes, eat those too.

Q: What about fruits? Am I allowed to eat them?

A: Yes, but first eat a lot of vegetables.

Q: Should I count calories?

A: If you want, you can do that. But if you are eating a lot of vegetables first, you don’t have to.

Q: You said “a lot of.” How much is a lot of vegetables?

A: It’s “most.” So if you are eating one plate of food, two-thirds should be vegetables, or, even better, three-fourths.

Q: What if I’m allergic to some veggies?

A: You just don’t eat them, and you eat all the other vegetables that you’re not allergic to. 

Q: Are there any other healthy foods I should try to eat in my simple health plan?

A: Of course, you can eat beans, fruits, and proteins. If you aren’t trying to lose weight, then you should include nuts and healthy essential oils.

Q: Can I eat in fast food restaurants?

A: Yes, but first eat a lot of vegetables.

Q: Why are you recommending eating a lot of vegetables first?

A: Simply because the vegetables are the gold standard for healthy food. They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. They are perfect for optimal diet, and putting them first in every meal means you’ll lose weight. And if you eat them with every meal, thanks to their vitamins and minerals, you’ll be healthier.

Q: How do I cook or prepare the vegetables? Can I put dressing on them?

A: It doesn’t matter, you can use dressing as long as you are eating a lot of veggies. Prepare them however you like it, but the best way is to eat them raw, boiled, or baked, not fried.

Q: Can I put my vegetables in the juicer and juice them?

A: No. Eat them.

Q: I hate vegetables, so how will I deal with this simple health plan?

A: Try different vegetables, and try preparing them differently. Bake or boil them. Use your favorite dressings. Season them. If you cannot stand their taste, try hiding them in soups.

Q: I don’t like salads, so how will I cope with that?

A: No one said that you need to eat salads. Again, cook the vegetables your favorite way. Add mushrooms and some olive oil, or baked sweet potatoes. Yummy, it’s delicious!

Q: You’ve said that according to this simple health plan, you need to be active. Can you be more specific?

A: Any activity is better than no activity. So you can take a walk, run in the neighborhood, do some pushups at home, take a bike ride, jump on your stepper at home. Do whatever seems like a good activity to you. You can deal with our simple health plan, right?

Q: That’s fine, but how long should my activity last?

A: If you’re a complete beginner, then five minutes a day is enough. After you’re comfortable with five minutes, move your boundaries to 10, 15, and so on. But if you have some experience, start with 30 minutes at least. Also, if you’re active, don’t avoid strength training. Include your accountability partner while exercising to motivate each other.

Q: What if I miss one day?

A: Don’t panic. Simply start back the next day.

Q: Can I do the workout at home with my favorite DVD or cycling on my static bike?

A: As long as you’re willing to do some activity, that’s fine. Just increase the intensity over time. And make those training sessions last longer, increasing them gradually.

Q: Why do I need an accountability partner?

A: For this simple health plan to be fully functional, accept it as a challenge. Involve one close friend, and start living by the plan. Eat a lot of vegetables. Then if one of you gets off track, the other should bring that person back. Same for the training: if one is becoming lazy, the other motivates.

Q: What if my goal is to lose weight?

A: Then eat a lot of vegetables, and balance the other foods. Try eating low-calorie foods, and add beans, proteins, and whole grains to your veggies. Wait until you’re starved to start eating, and stop before you’re full.

Q: What if my goal is to gain weight?

A: You will still follow our simple health plan. Eat a lot of vegetables, and increase the proteins. Also, you’ll add fats to your meals (coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, avocados, nuts, or peanut butter). If you’re active, eat a lot of grains. And don’t forget lifting weights, or those calories won’t go into muscles.

What do you think of this simple but powerful plan? Are you up for the challenge?

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