There Is Something Extraordinary Happening In The World Right Now, But No One Is Noticing…

There Is Something Extraordinary Happening In The World Right Now, But No One Is Noticing…

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A lot of people haven’t quite realized that there is something extraordinary happening in the world.

All of us are so caught up in the demands of everyday life. Coping with impossible workloads, demanding personal relationships. A feeling of alienation and vague constant worry that we seldom pause in order to question our perspective.

Everything is happening too fast, all of us say. Where is it all going to end? There are so much wrong things with the world. But are things really so bad? Can we trust our perspective? The one which says that the world is showing signs of positive change.

Here, we are going to present you five of the many ways the world is changing in a better way. You might not have taken into a proper consideration.

1. The Internet creates a global village of informed people.

This most impactful invention has brought a lot of positive changes in our lives. The Internet actually gave rise to the Age of Information. People all around the world gain access to different types of information. Every person can find out anything, and no one needs to be ignorant. By providing a platform for communication, the exchange of information all around the world is fast and continuous.

Access to the Internet shows people that they can improve their conditions. Also that there are ways to reconcile. It has also given a voice to everyone. The Internet has shrunk the world, as well as brought us closer. It makes other people and their circumstances more real through images and videos.

2. A new decentralized model is halting unabated consumerism.

Disillusionment with consumerism, has given rise to the sharing economy which is exemplified by some companies, such as Airbnb and Uber. These companies, as well as some others like them, cut costs of services. They do this by allowing people to directly provide services without the involvement of a third-party. Or even the necessity for a business place.

The sharing company has people who make money, rent out their homes or cars, hitch rides with others and swap clothes instead of buying some new ones, or throwing them away. Rent out cars, as well as hitch rides with others means that fewer cars are on the road. So another problem that is tackled is air pollution.

3. A better work model is emerging.

People are often fed up with the exciting work model and technology which is giving them a way out. The general workforce is also overworked and overstressed. A lot of people do not see the value in the work they are doing or feel undervalued in their current roles. The brave people are quitting their jobs in order to start on their own.

The sharing economy which makes working space available with access to WiFi and some other amenities makes setting up your own office, without owing one possible. Some online platforms, such as Upwork and Freelancer provide opportunities for people to work remotely. A lot of companies now allow their employees to work some days of the week from their own home.

4. People will have access to healthy food again.

The madness of GMO foods is soon coming to an end. According to the Organic Trade Association, the organic food sales in the US increases by double digits annually. This is far outstripping the growth rate of the overall food market. Europe is also showing a double digit growth in the organic food market. Farmer markets are also becoming popular once again, and people usually stream to them in order to buy real food from local farmers.

The growing awareness of what is going into food has actually led to consumer pressure which has seen fast food companies, such as McDonalds lose market share. But, you should not stress. Fast food is still not going away. There are some startups which look at some ways in order to provide people with healthy fast food.

5. People don’t have to be manipulated by mainstream news media anymore.

Alternative news media provide us with some news which we can trust. Increasingly, those people who want to know what is really going on are shunning mainstream news media and turning to alternative news sources. Netizens, which are suspicious of government-sponsored news reports are turning to websites where independent journalists report on issues which are not covered by mainstream media. This trend has actually spawned a new wave of investigative journalism which uncovers the truth and publishes it, with not edited versions thereof [Image Credit: Greno89/Inspired by Ideapod]

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