Soulmates vs. Twin Flames — a deeper sense of understanding these romantic dynamics.

Soulmates vs. Twin Flames — a deeper sense of understanding these romantic dynamics.

twin flames

Soulmates are different souls that we encounter on our path. They are sent to us to help us awaken, as well as challenge us.

Twin flames are when our own “energetic cloth” grows so big with love that our energy splits into two. That other half actually becomes our Twin Flame. This usually happens over many, many lifetimes.

One of the highest purposes of a soul mate relationship is the growth, as well as the evolution of the one’s consciousness. The highest goal of twin flames is to create a higher vibration and awareness for the entire planet through ascending together.

Mainly, the relationships of soul mates help people to raise their own consciousness. The twin flame relationship will have the effect of increasing the consciousness of the entire planet.

More often than not, we will work with both soul mates and twin flames over the course of many lifetimes. Every person has a soul mate but not everyone has a twin flame.

But, this does not mean that twin flame is reserved for “special people.” Every one of us is a soul that is sent here for some special and unique experience. That experience may include a twin flame, or it may not include.

1. Soulmates.

Soulmates can be our relatives, friends or lovers. Usually, the purpose of the soul mate relationship is to help us both grow, as well as evolve to our fullest potential.

They can come and go from our lives as necessary, but often, their entrance into our lives can feel fated, like we have known them before. There is a strong bond or connection. Soulmate relationships can be romantic as well however they do not have to be.

While we have just many soulmates, we can only have one twin flame, and usually, not just romantic. Although a romantic relationship can happen between twin flames, the purpose is much, much more significant and it is beyond this earthly plane.

2. Twin Flames.

When these people come together, it is usually to achieve something on an energetic level, to help expand the consciousness of the planet.
Often, when twin flames unite, there is a strong desire for them both for creating something together. It usually takes a lot of lifetimes for twin flames to achieve this, so it may be possible not to have the ability to complete your mission together just yet. Once that both of you have learned to master the relationship, both of you will ascend together.

Unlike soulmate relationships, twin flame relationships usually do not focus too much on “challenges” and instead focus more on growth.

While soulmate relationships can sometimes be awakening and can also help you to discover who you truly are, twin flame relationships are usually about coming together for the service of other people.

With twin flame relationships, the magnetic pull will always be there on an energetic level. And with soulmates, the magnetic pull may change in strength. This depends on where you are both at in your evolution.

So, how can you know if you are a soulmate or in twin flame relationship?

Soulmate relationships:

– You feel fated or “destined” in some way;
– There is a strong connection which may change or fluctuate in intensity;
– There are usually some challenges presented to alter or shift things in your life;
– The relationship also brings about a strong life lesson or some change in your life path;
– The ties can also uncover, as well as release pains, hurts, and traumas so healing can happen;
– There can also be a strong past life connection;
– The relationship may not last, or it may even feel different once the lesson has been learned;
– This relationship can also help you to awaken to a higher level of consciousness or spirituality.

Twin flame relationships:

– You feel fated or “destined” in some way;
– The relationship does not have to be romantic, but there is usually a connection which is felt on all levels;
– There is also a strong connection which feels constant and stable;
– There are some challenges, but they are usually more about the “self” than the other person;
– The relationship is all about team up together and create;
– It almost forces you to respond with love as a way of surviving together;
– There can also be a strong past life connection together. If it is highly advanced, it could even feel as if it is both your last lifetime on earth;
– No matter if you are romantically involved or not, you are always going to feel a strong connection to this person. But you will also don’t need to be around each other to experience the connection;
– The relationship will also help you to prepare yourself for ascension into another dimension. It is also helpful in instilling a higher consciousness of the planet Earth.

Usually, soul mate relationships are experienced on a mind, as well as body and soul level. Whereas twin flame relationships are experienced on mind, body, soul, as well as celestial/universal level.

Also, there are no real rules with this, so the ultimate way of determining the difference between soul mates and twin flames is actually to follow your intuition which feels right to you.

Sometimes, it may be quite difficult to notice and determine the difference between both of these relationships. But away from labels, it does not matter what kind of relationship you are in, as long as it feels good and right for you.

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