Space Chocolate Chip Cookies: Cookie Dough Headed to Space Station

Space Chocolate Chip Cookies: Cookie Dough Headed to Space Station

Chocolate Chip CookiesAstronaut in outer space. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. In this photo illustration provided in a press release by DoubleTree, an astronaut holds a cookie in space.

Ever heard of chocolate chip space cookies? This is not the name of some new brand of cookies, but chocolate chip cookies that will be freshly baked by astronauts in the actual space.

On November 2, 2019, a special “space-oven” was launched to the International Space Station together with cookie dough from the state of Virginia, USA. So, astronauts that live there will have the chance to bake fresh cookies for the first time since they arrived there.

The first crew arrived at the station around two decades ago, so this is going to be a really exciting and delicious experience for all of them.

The cookie dough was supplied by DoubleTree by Hilton that tweeted “Houston, we have a cookie,” right after the launch Saturday.

The space oven was explicitly designed to work in zero gravity, but we’ll see how that goes once the astronauts try to bake anything. It’s still unclear how the high heat and zero gravity will affect the shape and consistency of the cookies as well, so there’s a lot to learn in the days to come.

NASA described this unusual experiment as beneficial for the crew members’ physiological and psychological state.

One thing is for sure; if this experiment succeeds, desserts will never be the same for astronauts in the space. We’ll be looking forward to the update from space!


Image Source: Shutterstock ID 642431650

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